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Why IQ Tests Are About More Than Just Intelligence

The Intelligence Quotient test, better known as the IQ test, is the most famous measurement of intelligence. Used by many organisations as part of a wider psychometric testing programme, IQ tests consist of a graded series of standardised tasks in order to establish an age-related IQ score. With practice, you can improve your score on these tests, but improving your intelligence is only one of the benefits associated with actively working to improve your IQ test scores.

There are many types of intelligence test, each with its own measure of intelligence. Whilst it is widely accepted that, particularly after age 18, a person’s IQ remains fairly constant, there is a lot of scope to improve one’s performance through IQ tests. It’s a matter of practising with the best types of test and with over 1,000 practice test questions Ultimate IQ Tests is the biggest book of IQ practice tests available.

The benefits to practising and perfecting IQ tests go beyond measuring intelligence and include:

  • Holistic view of intelligence – the practice tests in Ultimate IQ Tests covers multiple aspects of intelligence measurement and by working through the practice tests within the book; you give yourself the best chance of improving your scores across the board.

  • Brain cell generation – the brain, like other parts of our body needs exercising and contrary to some popular beliefs, our brain cells continually develop and adult brains can grow new cells regardless of age.

  • Improving your working memory function – this is related to brain cell regeneration, the benefits of brain training are well documented and the more you increase your working memory function by working through the practice IQ tests in Ultimate IQ Tests, the greater chance you have of improving your performance in IQ tests.

  • Identifying areas of strength – the summary and results from some IQ tests will suggests the areas where the participant has a natural inclination to do well in and also highlight areas to work on.

  • Uniform comparison – as these tests are carried out in a controlled way and the results are consistently generated, IQ test result scores are a good way of benchmarking yourself against others in your age range for example.

  • Career prospects - competition is fierce and only getting more so. Employers are determined to select only the best performing candidates in a way that is measured beyond traditional phone and face to face interview skills. Individuals who have the most well rounded arsenal of career catalysts stand the best chance of selection.

You might also be interested in taking the Core Intelligence Test here, which is an online test of intellectual potential and is part of the  Ultimate Careersseries of books and tools.

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