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Off The Page: Transform your sales approach to make your business stand out

In today’s crowded marketplace, ensuring customers choose you over the competition is more challenging than ever.

Philip Squire and Simon Kelly share how you can develop the sales skills guaranteed to differentiate your business from its competitors. Demonstrating why a values-based approach to sales is crucial for standing out, this event explores the changing sources of competition, how to create a positive selling experience and develop the values proven to boost sales performance.

Drawing on their extensive research and expertise, Philip and Simon will be answering crucial questions including:

  • How can businesses deliver true value to customers and communicate it effectively?
  • What are the key values customers look for when being sold to (and why are they so important)?
  • Why does ‘sameness’ happen in B2B marketing and how can it be avoided?
  • What are the core competencies for differentiation and how can they be embedded in an organization’s culture?

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