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Virtual Leadership

Practical Strategies for Success with Remote or Hybrid Work and Teams

Lead confidently and maximize the potential of your virtual team with this guide to the skills and techniques needed to succeed remotely.
EAN: 9781398604278
Edition: 2
Format: 234 x 156
288 pages

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About the book

Virtual work and teams have become normal in organizations around the world. This book is the guide for those who cannot always be together in person with colleagues, whether fully remote or hybrid.

Virtual Leadership offers practical strategies and proven methods for getting the best out of hybrid or remote work and teams. This useful guide explains how to create cohesive teams, collaborate creatively and effectively, connect across barriers of distance and culture, building on the foundation of a leader's own mindset and approach. It provides clear guidance on how to run engaging and effective meetings, as well as how to encourage high performance from motivated and happy team members in between meetings.

Fully revised throughout, this second edition:
- Provides a new chapter entirely focused on hybrid ways of working;
- Offers advice for those leading teams in a formal capacity, as well as for those where leadership is an occasional part of their role;
- Gives ideas and practical tips on how to overcome the many complications of virtual work;
- Presents diverse case studies and examples from business, education, community, healthcare and beyond, sparking insights that can be adapted to other environments.

Leading virtual teams effectively requires a new set of skills and a facilitative leadership approach. Written by a leading expert in the field, Virtual Leadership is here as your guide.

About the authors

Dr Penny Pullan is Director of Making Projects Work based in Leicestershire, UK and a thought leader in the field of virtual leadership, specializing in leading risky change projects involving virtual teams. She has run the Virtual Working Summit since 2010 with thousands of participants from around the world. She is the author of Business Analysis and Leadership also published by Kogan Page.
  • Since the pandemic began, the virtual world has become our oyster. Love it or hate it, we now teach, learn, lecture, attend committees, manage staff, harmonize, hold teambuilding events and get to know and trust one another online. This book is packed with evidence-based tips and useful anecdotes from someone who has operated in this virtual space for more than 20 years. A timely book at a unique time in history.
  • Trish Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

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