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Developing Resilient Organizations

How to Create an Adaptive, High-Performance and Engaged Organization

Develop resilience and mental toughness to produce an adaptive, high performing and engaged organisation with this collection of case studies tackling a wide variety of organisational issues.
EAN: 9780749470098
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 158
264 pages

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About the book

Much of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the global recession is concerned with the adverse impact it will have on organisations and society. However, recessions are nothing new. We know from past experience that when a recession is over, there always emerge organisations and individuals who have not only survived but have thrived. They often emerge stronger, fitter and better performing.

Developing Resilient Organizations argues that one of the fundamental keys to survival in these circumstances is resilience or mental toughness. It can make challenge and change an opportunity rather than a threat. The book addresses a wide variety of organizational issues including motivation, performance, staff retention, behaviour, trust, attention span and teamwork. With case studies from leading organizations across the public and private sector internationally, it will show you how to develop organizational performance, well being and a positive approach to adversity and change in your organization.

About the authors

Doug Strycharczyk is Managing Director of AQR a consultancy that works to improve the 'mental toughness' of organizations. Before he founded AQR in 1989 he held a variety of HR and consultancy roles in the private and public sectors. These include Castrol (UK) Limited, Goodyear Tyres, Decca Ltd, J Wedgwood Ltd and the Burton Group. He was the Head of Operations for Castrol (UK) Ltd at the same time as being Head of HR. He is the co-author of Developing Mental Toughness with Peter Clough and a contributor to Psychometrics in Coaching, both published by Kogan Page.

Charles Elvin is Chief Executive of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). He is a highly experienced Director achieving significant commercial results in the business services sector, in particular driving revenue and profit growth in the learning, training and professional development industry. Previous roles include Director of the B2B Division of the Open University, leading the British Standard Institution global commercial learning and training business, and senior roles in leading blue chip companies including UBS and RM.

  • Developing Resilient Organizations' central premise that the future for individuals and organizations is both challenging and arriving at break neck speed is correct. We can't any longer debate whether we want change or not, we have to embrace it. The book provokes business leaders into thinking about the future - in particular two hugely important factors. Firstly, developing a positive, confident mindset in the workforce through developing mental toughness. Secondly, applying real leadership behaviours that engender trust from staff. The most important thing though is to be alert to change and what it means for all stakeholders. This book helps the reader to do just that.
  • Neil Scales, Director-General, Dept. of Transportation and Main Roads

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