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Air Transport Management

Strategic Management in the Airline Industry

Learn about the airline industry and strategic air transport management, through in-depth analysis and new models for practice.
EAN: 9780749484569
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 155
384 pages

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About the book

The aviation industry is a major driver of world trade. As global markets and economies are constantly evolving, practitioners and academics need more quality information and a broader perspective of aviation management rather than just silo-based knowledge, particularly if they wish to move up the management ladder and progress. Air Transport Management presents the dynamic shifts which have influenced structural changes in the aviation industry, such as the emergence of low cost carriers. These changes have transformed the market, leading to deregulation and consolidation. The author provides a viable road map aimed at giving students and managers in the aviation industry a rigorous understanding on how to manage strategically in complex and turbulent market conditions.

Air Transport Management examines the airline industry structure in terms of entry barriers, competition dynamics and competing business models. With the inclusion of fascinating case studies, this handbook assesses different business models used by international companies and proposes best fit management practices which airlines should follow in order to survive.

About the authors

Prof Dr Eyden Samunderu (PhD) is a leading expert and well trusted advisor in the area of air transport with extensive international consulting experience. He is Program Director for a Master's programme at the International School of Management (ISM) in Dortmund Germany. He is currently a Board Advisor at Aviation Partners Africa London as well as sitting as Advisory Board Member for the Hamburg Aviation Conference. His research interests are in air transport economics, airport infrastructure financing, container and shipping logistics, competition policy, multimarket contact and strategic group theory in air transport.
  • Air Transport Management is full of important information and insights related to the global and regional aviation industries. It's a brilliant piece of work that I highly recommend.
  • Alexander Herring, Managing Director, ADB Safegate South Africa

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