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Case Study: Data Sharing Between Supply Chain Actors

Advantages and Issues

Understand how data is shared between different stages of the supply chain through use of Track and Trace (T&T).
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About the book

Data Sharing Between Supply Chain Actors examines the function of Track and Trace (T&T) which enables companies to know the location of various objects and the history of its movement. It focuses on the use of T&T when objects are moved between multiple supply chain partners in terms of sharing hardware, software and data.

Aimed at students on supply chain management, logistics and operations courses, Data Sharing Between Supply Chain Actors includes useful diagrams and tables illustrating how inter-organizational information systems are based on data sharing between the partners of a supply chain work. This case study offers the reader valuable insights into how a real company shares data between different stages of the supply chain.

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About the authors

Dr Vahid Mirzabeiki is a lecturer in the Supply Chain Research Centre at Cranfield School of Management. Vahid's areas of expertise include supply chain management, information sharing in supply chain, and inter-organisational information systems.

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