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International Standards for Design and Manufacturing

Quality Management and International Best Practice

Learn from the analysis of different standards and understand how they can assist a business to improve and sustain operational effectiveness and efficiency.
EAN: 9781789660425
Edition: 1
Format: 231 x 155
368 pages

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About the book

International standards ensure that organisations operate the right processes to support their objectives. International Standards for Design and Manufacturing is an accessible guide for manufacturing and production managers and students. It guides readers through the standards needed to build operating systems which are robust, integrated and used to drive the continuous improvement of business performance.

International Standards for Design and Manufacturing is based on many years of research collaboration between Swansea University and leading manufacturing and production practitioners from key companies from around the world. Each chapter includes an introduction to the standards being discussed, definitions, examples of using the standards in practice, why these standards are important, conclusions, seminar topics and mock exam questions to allow the reader to test their knowledge and understanding.

About the authors

Nick Rich is Professor of Socio-Technical Systems Design at Swansea School of Management. He is an academic with a specialist interest in high performance and highly reliable businesses. He has gained international acclaim and has received a significant number of awards for his research work.

F. Tegwen Malik is an academic at Swansea University and focuses her research on biomimetics, product design and innovation (for all applications including the life sciences sector) and the application of international management standards to industry and service sectors.

  • International standards, whilst often being strongly debated and questioned as to the value, are important ingredients in delivering and maintaining internationally recognised excellence for customers and consumers and competitive advantages for the organisation. Nick and Tegwin bring together information on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 into a readable form for students and practitioners. In doing so, this book will contribute to achieving excellence in design and manufacturing.
  • Pauline Found, Professor of Lean Operations Management, University of Buckingha

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