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10 Expert Predictions on the Future of Social Media

The speed at which technology is developing has never been faster, and social media is no exception. Platforms are continuously adding new tools and features to improve user experiences and meet new consumer needs and expectations.

With this in mind, it’s critical to anticipate the changes we can expect to see in the coming years. In this article,  Simon Kingsnorth, author of Digital Marketing Strategy, explores 10 predictions for the future of social media and where he believes the digital world is heading.

  1. Twitter will continue to have a turbulent existence. This is likely to be followed by a strong debate around freedom of speech and some scandals before more controls are reluctantly put in place. It will ultimately settle down and see growth and monetization opportunities in the mid to late 2020s.
  2. Video will be critical as more people use it as a primary format. TikTok will continue its growth and expand its monetization. Video will increasingly be produced in mobile-first formats.
  3. Influencers will build on their $16Bn (2022) revenues. They will become owners of creative platforms and founders of key elements of the metaverse as they drive their fans into experiences.
  4. Edutainment will grow as brands and creators try to put their message across in a fun way that ticks both the education and entertainment boxes that most people look for in content.
  5. AR will continue to grow. The use of tools to augment videos and live chats will grow as video becomes more than just recording and develops into an immersive experience.
  6. Social media will begin to be an all-surrounding medium. We will interact through our handheld devices, wearables and IoT devices so that we can access our community from anywhere at any time rather than purely through a smartphone.
  7. SEO will change as social media and AI grow. In fact, most people will turn to social media for search as social networks adapt to provide more than just conversation. This has already begun.
  8. Shopping will become seamless. Social media users already look for recommendations on the networks – this will become purchases straight on the social networks themselves as a full ecosystem.
  9. Authenticity will remain critical. No green-washing or inauthentic values will be tolerated. 73% of Gen Z already ONLY do business with brands they trust. This trend will only grow.
  10. The metaverse will continue to move towards reality during the 2020s and social media plays a major role. More tech and cultural change are needed to get there, but social experiences such as communities, live audio/video, AR, AI and VR will all begin to become increasingly mainstream as we move from the type-read-reply model to the immerse-interact model.

From augmented reality to the changing role of influencers, it’s clear that the future of social media is full of exciting possibilities. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see further changes and innovations in the way we connect, communicate and share information.

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