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25 Top Sales Techniques

25 Top Sales Techniques: Insider Tips to Help You Sell More sets out a number of critical sales skills, all of which combine to create a superior selling style; this book explains how you too can stand out in sales.
EAN: 9780749407360
Edition: 1
Format: 215 x 136
96 pages

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About the book

In every industry, there is an elite group of sales people whose performance exceeds that of their peers; people who stand out as radically more successful than everyone else, although they sell the same products, service the same markets and talk to the same prospects as other sales people. So how do they achieve such high sales? And what makes them different from the others?

Stephan Schiffman explains how to develop effective sales habits and techniques that: demonstrate your professionalism; show the prospect you care about your product and your customers; illustrate to the prospect that you go that bit further to satisfy customer needs; and make you and your product or service stand out from the rest.

Competition is always tough, but this book proves that by acquiring good sales techniques, you too can beat the others and achieve excellent sales results.

About the authors

Stephan Schiffman has trained more than 500,000 salespeople at such firms as AT&T Information Systems, Chemical Bank, Manufacturer's Hanover Trust, Motorola, and U.S. Health Care. Schiffman is president of D.E.I Management Group and the author of such bestselling books as Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work) and Closing Techniques (That Really Work) as well as The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes, also published by Kogan Page.

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