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Brand Psychology

Consumer Perceptions, Corporate Reputations

Combine insights from cognitive psychology, social psychology and neuroscience to reveal why we trust some brands more than others, and why some survive crises while others don't.
EAN: 9780749471736
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
440 pages

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About the book

Why do we trust some brands more than others? How important is integrity for a brand's survival? How can brand confidence be rebuilt during a crisis? Using both new and classic insights from social psychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, Brand Psychology reveals the hidden processes behind why certain brands command our loyalty, trust and - most importantly - disposable income. Reputation management authority Jonathan Gabay takes readers on a tour of the corporate, political, and personal brands whose understanding of consumer psychology has either built or broken them.

Suitable for marketing, branding and PR professionals, reputation management specialists and students, Brand Psychology takes examples from e-cigarette legislation, the iPhone 5S's fingerprint ID technology, Barclays' branded bikes and the London 2012 Olympics, Miley Cyrus and the UK National Health Service's big data to reveal how to build a meaningful brand that resonates with the public.

About the authors

Jonathan Gabay is a creative strategist, educator and writer. He has held several major advertising and marketing roles, including that of Group Creative Head at Saatchi and Saatchi Direct, where he worked with some of the most respected names in creative advertising, marketing, PR, the media and education. His books and business insights are featured throughout academia and regularly sought by news media including CNN, ABC, BBC and Bloomberg.
  • Loyalty and retention have now become the cornerstones of modern sales and marketing and the winners of the future will be those brands that convince consumers they are not another 'me too' commodity but a trusted and valued 'us two' relationships. This... book... looks at topics such as neuroscience, psychotherapy and practical psychology....I would recommend this book to anyone involved in brand marketing, social media and business communications.
  • John Joe McGinley, Principal at Glassagh Consulting, for FT Adviser

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