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Selling Transformed

Develop the Sales Values which Deliver Competitive Advantage

Develop the selling skills that are proven to boost sales performance and results, with a greater understanding of the values that customers actually look for in sales people.
EAN: 9781789665352
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 159
272 pages

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About the book

Learn how to develop the values proven to boost sales performance, to ensure customers choose you over the competition in today's crowded marketplace.
For years, sales people have struggled with cliched views of how they sell, while at the same time customers have become more sophisticated and discerning, stopping off at different or unconventional places in the sales funnel. The result is that the technique of sales people controlling the sales conversation and learning how to influence the customer no longer works. Selling Transformed introduces the new world of selling, and addresses the reasons why sales people are so poorly perceived.

Selling Transformed provides fresh, tangible ideas on how to develop better sales practices. Focusing as much on the customers as on the sellers, it explains key theories of selling effectively and introduces four proven strategies that are based on the values customers look for in sales people: authenticity, client-centricity, proactive creativity and being tactfully audacious. Explaining what customers look for in sales people, and advising on how to develop and deliver these values, this is a new type of sales manual guaranteed to improve sales performance.

About the authors

Dr Philip Squire is CEO of Consalia, a sales consulting group. Based in Surrey, UK, he has for over 20 years provided sales consulting education services and training to brands including Apple, AT&T, Ford, Hertz, HP, Pirelli, Royal Caribbean, SAP and Zurich Financial Services. He is a subject matter expert for the UK Trail Blazer undergraduate apprenticeship sales degrees and is co-founder of the International Journal of Sales Transformation.
  • Clarifies and reminds us of the human basics and values essential to effective selling - then, now and in the future.
  • Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School, and author of Sales Management That Works

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