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The New Chameleons

How to Connect with Consumers Who Defy Categorization

Reach the modern consumer who defies categorization and who expects brands to map to their unique habits, preferences and expectations.
EAN: 9781398600041
Edition: 1
Format: 220 x 130
296 pages

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About the book

WINNER: NYC Big Book Award 2021 - Marketing & PR

Consumers are changing but the marketing categories used to identify them have not. Engage with this new generation of consumers who increasingly take for granted that products and advertising will blend their multiple brand identities rather than market to them as a specific subculture.

Male or female, work or play, online or offline. These and other market categories are no longer relevant as modern consumers defy traditional boundaries and identify as members of multiple subcultures. The New Chameleons reveals how to engage with this new generation and how to stand out among the competition.

Global consumer behavior expert Michael R. Solomon directs marketers to move beyond their traditional categories and communicate with consumers as individuals rather than as a market segment. He explains how traditional marketing is based on the assumption of boundaries between us and them, the individual and the collective, producer and consumer, work and play, humans vs. computers, and editorial vs. commercial. He then shows how those boundaries are blurring: people identify with members of multiple subcultures; individuals seek collective advice before making a purchase; consumers no longer distinguish between purchases online or in-store; consumer-generated content becomes the norm; gender identity is fluid; gamification strategies turn work into play; and identity marketing becomes more popular.

Combining history, data, experience and examples, The New Chameleons is written for every marketer (or reader) who wants to offer products and services that resonate with consumers now and in the future.

About the authors

Michael R. Solomon is professor of marketing in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph's University and he resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He advises global clients in leading industries on marketing strategies to make them more consumer-centric. He is the author of several leading textbooks on marketing, consumer behavior, advertising and social media.
  • If you're still marketing like Mad Men, you're missing tremendous opportunities in our newly fractured world. Michael shows how to reach real people instead of targeting stereotypes.
  • David Meerman Scott, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Fanocracy

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