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Deliver value through effective change management - Press Release

Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change (9780749478636)29th March 2017 - Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change: A Practical Guide to Delivering Value

Deliver value through effective change management

Available on 3rd April,  Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change helps develop the necessary skills to consult in organizational settings where there is a great deal of complexity regarding what changes are needed to keep pace with the competition and future-proof a business.

The book tackles the issues posing the greatest threat to the success of a change programme, including how to adapt to rapidly shifting needs, deal with the emotional and ethical issues that arise and ensure that the managers take full ownership for the change so that ‘business as usual’ is established.

Complete with case studies from the ‘Big Four’ consultancy groups as well as boutique firms, Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change shows how to identify and execute interventions in a variety of settings to deliver value.

Advanced praise comes from Olivier Bastien, Digital Marketing & Strategy Consultant for  L'Oréal Canada, who says ‘Hodges provides a comprehensive and considered overview of both the consultancy and change management literature, while offering up a clearly charted path for the reader to follow in solving complex organisational issues.’ Dr Neil Turner, Senior Lecturer in the School of Management at Cranfield University, has also endorsed this title, saying ‘Bridging practical and theoretical perspectives, the book guides the reader through the key issues and draws on a range of case studies while building on a thorough and well-researched academic foundation.’

About the author: Dr Julie Hodges is currently director of MBA programmes at Durham University Business School in the UK and a lecturer and researcher of change in organizations. She is a senior fellow of the Foundation for Management of Education. Before entering academia, she worked as a management consultant for over 20 years with clients including the British Council, Vertex, PwC and RBS. Julie is a founding director of the Leading Well, a social enterprise for developing leaders in the public and third sectors.

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