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How To Protect The Reputation Of Your Brand - Ad Law Press Release

Ad Law (9780749472894)

 20th April 2017: Ad Law - The Essential Guide To Advertising Law and Regulation

 How To Protect The Reputation Of Your Brand

  Ensuring your advertising campaigns are compliant to UK regulations. 

  When it comes to advertising, the implications of breaching UK laws or regulations are both extremely costly and time-consuming. If a campaign is found to be even potentially offensive,    harmful or misleading, all of the creative work and strategic planning is likely to be withdrawn or changed. Both expensive and potentially detrimental to the reputation of a brand, the  importance of considering the legal and regulatory challenges of advertising when managing and planning campaigns is crucial.

 Ad Law, the new book from the Legal Director of the Institute of Practitioner’s in Advertising (IPA) Richard Lindsay, is a practical and succinct guide to the law and regulations of advertising  and marketing communications, with guidance based on real-world experiences from both media and advertising lawyers, and the IPA legal team.

 Addressing a vast array of legal issues such as intellectual property, privacy and defamation, plus the self-regulatory framework in the UK for advertisers, Ad Law offers level-headed and  expert advice on everyday questions frequently asked when designing and running advertising campaigns. Expertly leading readers through the most applicable laws and regulations, the  book also offers guidance on the practical side of the industry, including the new industry-standard client/agency agreement.

 Described as “not only useful but essential” by Lord Smith, the Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority, Ad Law is the ideal companion for both advertising and marketing  professionals, and lawyers in the sector.

About the authors: Richard Lindsay is the Legal Director for the IPA. Prior to this he worked as the Group Legal Director for the Telegraph Media Group and has also worked as an in-house lawyer for several other companies, including Granada Enterprises.

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Ad Law - ISBN: 9780749472894, Price: £39.99 – is now available to purchase from Kogan Page. For a review copy, a by-lined article or to arrange an interview with the author, please contact Natasha Tulett: NTulett@koganpage.com or +44 (0)20 7843 1925. 


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