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Is Your Business Ready for Black Friday? - Press Release

Strategic Sourcing Management (9780749476991)18th November 2016 - Strategic Sourcing Management: Structural and Operational Decision-Making

Is your business ready for Black Friday?

The operational management of procurement is increasingly important as retailers prepare for Black Friday. The second most important week after the lead-up to Christmas, Black Friday requires great preparation from stock levels to database building, preparation which requires minute quantitative forecasting and requirements planning.

‘Today, all business leaders in any market consider the procurement function as a “natural” contributor to general strategy,’ states Professor Emeritus HEC Paris Olivier Bruel in his book, Strategic Sourcing Management: Structural and Operational Decision-MakingThis assertion is particularly true when it comes to acquiring the systems and procedures necessary to make Black Friday a success in any business, and to transform this business success into an increase in revenue and customer retention.

Addressing tendering and international procurement, this new book bridges the gaps between procurement, supply chain management and sourcing. It is ideal for practitioners and academics working in supply chain management.

Professor Bruel delves into strategic decisions; operational management of procurement and related supply chain; management of human resources and dedicated information systems; management of performance and change. His insights and knowledge base as presented in this book will be invaluable to procurement professionals.

Jonathan O’Brien, CEO of Positive Purchasing, has provided advanced praise for the book, calling it ‘an essential compendium by a renowned authority in this space. This book is a journey through the essential components of modern strategic sourcing that outlines the success factors and how each must exist and work within the wider organisation - all in wonderful technical detail with a rich depth of practical guidance to bring this important modern theory to life’.

About the author: Olivier Bruel is Professor Emeritus of the Information Systems and Operations Management Department at HEC Paris. Olivier has also been conducting many consulting activities and is Founder and Honorary President of the ACA (Association Cesa Achats et Supply Chain).

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