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Is your tech start-up working right? - Press Release

Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups (9780749481346)24th July 2017: Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups: A Handbook for Growth

Is Your Tech Start-Up Working Right?

With new businesses popping up every day, now is the best time to launch a new start-up. With this ease of creation comes a new set of challenges, especially when it comes to the finance and account-keeping of a company that may not follow a conventional business model.

Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups, publishing on 3rd August 2017, helps entrepreneurs avoid failure due to financial incompetence when operating in the tech space and dealing with the anomalies that feature when operating in a non-traditional environment. Written by a published expert in enterprise innovation and digitisation, this handbook covers what is important in financial terms for technology-based and innovation-focused entrepreneurial businesses.

Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups provides practical knowledge that will ensure effective delivery of entrepreneurship and will deliver the focus on tech that is increasingly important in today’s fourth industrial revolution. Kamran Malik, Partner at Ernst & Young, provided advance praise for the book, calling it ‘A great resource for founders looking to understand the key financial measures that impact their businesses, with many worked examples and cases directly relevant to the real challenges start-ups face. An essential addition to any founder's toolkit.’

About the author: Alnoor Bhimani is Founding Director of LSE Entrepreneurship and Professor of Management Accounting at the London School of Economics. He is widely published and an established speaker to managers and business entrepreneurs, as well as scholars and accounting practitioners across the globe. He currently carries out research on the interface between business growth and digital technologies, including the Internet of Things, blockchain, AI and 3-D printing.

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