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Lessons to Learn from the Three Mobile Data Breach - Press Release

The Legal Risk Management Handbook (9780749477974)18th November 2016 - The Legal Risk Management Handbook: An International Guide to Protect Your Business from Legal Loss

Lessons to learn from the Three Mobile data breach

Three Mobile officials have confirmed that an employee’s log-in credentials were used to access the data of almost six million customers. The data hacked included customers’ names, dates of birth, addresses and phone numbers. Three Mobile were only alerted of the problem when customers complained of scam calls attempting to get their bank details.

The crux of this problem lies on the fact that Three Mobile did not treat the data with the importance it deserved, and as such was not prepared or protected against the risk associated with digital content. Because of this oversight, customer data can be sold on the Dark Web and Three Mobile is at risk of losing customers and of damaging its reputation.

The Legal Risk Management Handbook: An international guide to protect your business from legal loss addresses this type of risk and discusses in-depth how to anticipate and deal with risk while also staying compliant with regulations. Written by two leading experts in law and risk management, this book is invaluable for in-house lawyers and risk managers looking to make better, more informed decisions to protect business from legal loss.

Simon Nasta, General Counsel for FBN UK, provided advance praise for the book, calling it a ‘must-read for in-house lawyers and new general counsels. I particularly like the simple and practical guides to implement what are quite advanced legal risk management techniques’.

About the authors: Matthew Whalley has a unique blend of practical experience and strategic insight into legal risk management and law department operations. He created the UK's first and only Legal Risk Consultancy in 2012, and has helped FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients take their first steps to develop a structured approach to legal risk. He was short-listed for the Laurie Young Memorial Global Thought Leadership award in 2014 for his papers on legal risk management.

Chris Guzelian is an Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson Law School in San Diego, California where he teaches business, criminal and American constitutional law courses. Previously, he was a state prosecutor, a civilian officer with the U.S. Department of Defense, and a lawyer with the U.S. bankruptcy courts. Chris advises a number of corporate, non-profit, and government authorities on risk-related matters.

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