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Are You Set to Face the Challenges of 21st Century Business?

If you want to confront challenges and drive change in your organisation, The Procurement Value Proposition is an essential guide.

Download essential resources from The Procurement Value Proposition on this page to show you how to drive transformation in your organisation now.

Overturn your thinking on procurement with The Procurement Value Proposition

To face important shifts in the business world, procurement professionals are craving new thinking, new skills, ultimately, an entirely new approach. 

Tackling critical challenges head-on, The Procurement Value Proposition by Gerard Chick and Robert Handfield set a bold new vision for procurement.

The book: 
• Assesses important changes that will have a profound effect on the way future procurement is carried out
• Examines how organizations that position procurement as a core business function will be able to drive competitive advantage
• Features insights from CPOs, Commercial Directors, and other business leaders
• Features case studies of companies that are moving through procurement transformation
• Considers a variety of geographical contexts and highlights differences between the US, the UK and China

This book is essential reading for anyone that wants to innovate, drive change, and set alight a transformation through procurement in their own organisation.

gerard-photo-jpg.JPG     The Procurement Value Proposition (9780749471194)     robhandfield243.jpg

        Gerard Chick                                                                Dr. Robert Handfield

What the experts say

“The Procurement Value Proposition takes on some of the most pressing challenges facing procurement today and makes them seem both more comprehensible and realistically addressable.” (Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point)... Read more in the full review by Kelly Barner. 

"The book's authors also make their own contribution to tackle the challenges of the future, the ACE model. ACE stands for aspiration, capability and execution, and the book highlights the danger when these three elements are not aligned in an organisation. The authors have also included a list of issues raised, such as talent development, risk management and sustainable procurement, with detailed advice on how to structure your own debates on these topics." (Supply Management)... Read more in the full review

"The world of Procurement and Supply Chain is bereft of people with the ability to truly challenge the status quo and force us to take a new perspective on what we see as the 'givens' in the supply side world. Gerard is one of the few and I have always valued his counsel and am pleased he has now committed some of this knowledge to paper. What's incredibly insightful about this work is how it is already becoming clear in London where the challenges of population growth, demographic changes, global risks and the explosion in the use of mobile are already present in our everyday lives as well as through our suppliers. My final reflection is the need to shift from cost to value and from bureaucrats to entrepreneurs, the supply side world is full of opportunity and unless we have the talent to see these we will not break free from the dogma of 'cost down' is king." (Andrew Quincey, Director of Commercial Transport for London)

“The publication is comprehensive, considered, and a catalyst for performance improvement towards excellence. It is leadership, economics, and it is 21st Century business. The academic rigour and consultancy language is well punctuated with case studies and examples. There are few, if any throw away remarks, as the text is anchored by reference to leading thinking and proven management techniques.  Accessibility is only available to those who wish to think, to learn and to be open to something fresh and challenging – it is not business as usual.” (Antony Faughnan MBA, FCIPS, Head of Performance Excellence and Operations at ARCADIS)

Download sample chapter

The sample chapter from The Procurement Value Proposition considers how procurement has developed to become a critical and strategic priority, and includes a case study on pioneering category management at Ford. 

Download Sample Chapter Now

Exclusive resources 

Learn how to drive change in your organisation by downloading the resources below. From procurement’s evolution, to hot topics right now, to projecting the future of procurement, the resources draw upon critical topics that every procurement professional should be engaged with.

Powerpoints for driving change in your own organisation 

Procurement’s future role requires investment and development of new talent. How talent makes all the difference in procurement – your vision for the future…- Download Talent Innovation Presentation Now

Changes in the global business environment necessitate a new perspective on procurement. Visioning procurement innovation in your organization – Download Visioning Innovation Presentation Now

Businesses need to pay more attention to risk. Thinking about risk strategies: statistically, 5 out of 6 people enjoy playing Russian roulette! – Download Risk Innovation Debate Now (pptx)

Coming soon....Join ‘The innovation debates’ on the Logistics LinkedIn group to discuss these topics in further detail. 

Videos, audio and articles for inspired thinking  

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