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Your guide to drafting better contracts - Press Release

Contract Management (9780749480646)15th June 2017: Contract Management: Core Business Competence

Contracts are the beating heart behind every business, from third-party vendor estimates to B2B tenders. A key part of complying with contracts is ensuring that every member of the organization acts to fulfil the clauses while adhering to company strategy.

‘What is written on bits of paper will not ensure satisfactory outcomes’, writes Peter Sammons, commercial and procurement specialist, and author of the new book Contract Management: Core Business Competence. Contracts, he argues, are more than binding pieces of paper, and all parties involved should actively work to fulfil the clauses well after the ink is dry.

Contract Management: Core Business Competence, out on 3 July, 2017, looks at the wider contract management picture from an industrial-commercial perspective, while also providing valuable insights into contract management for other industries. The book will aid the development of this often underplayed management skill to help managers in all sectors and industries understand the concept and ensure business success.

Steve Wills, Managing Director of Procurement Central, provided the foreword for the book, calling it a ‘valuable resource’ for all business people, including the public sector. He added, ‘[t]his book sets out the essential building blocks to ensure contract success’.

Alan Gotto, Managing Director at Constellia, also provided advanced praise for the book saying, ‘This book provides structured, straight-forward guidance about how to get those deals you have signed delivered and completed in line with expectations.’

About the author: Peter Sammons is a commercial/procurement specialist with 35 years in field. He is now a consultant who provides commercial support and develops/delivers training seminars

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