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Philip Kogan becomes IPG 'patron'

Philip Kogan becomes IPG 'patron'

The Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) has appointed Kogan Page co-founder Philip Kogan as its new patron.

Kogan co-founded business publisher Kogan Page in 1967. As the company celebrates its 50th anniversary, it remains "firmly independent and ambitious", expanding into overseas markets, establishing new partnerships and embracing digital change, according to the IPG. Kogan Page has been a long-time member of the IPG, and Kogan has been "influential" in the guild’s growth over recent decades. In 2007, he was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the IPG’s Independent Publishing Awards.

Kogan joins a growing group of IPG patrons: people whose companies have been members of the IPG and who wish to remain involved with the guild in an individual capacity, whether while still active in publishing or after retirement or selling a business. Many of the patrons continue to provide active support and advice to the IPG and its members.

Kogan joins fellow patrons David Blunt, Kathryn Earle, Nigel Farrow, Alan Finlay, Oliver Gadsby, Chris Hall, Jonathan Harris, Pat Heathcote, Sonny Leong, Edward Milford, Brian Moeran, Geoff Nuttall, Jill Pearce, Martin Sheppard, John Skelton, Jim Smith, Brian Willan and Martin Woodhead. The late David Fulton and Tim Rix have also served as patrons.

IPG president Jonathan Harris said: “We are thrilled that Philip has agreed to become our latest new patron. Kogan Page is a role model for independent publishers everywhere, with a resolute focus on its niche, a close understanding of its customers and a ready willingness to evolve and move on. Philip has been hugely successful not only in expanding his business but in growing the IPG, and I am delighted that his involvement with us will continue as a Patron.”

Kogan said: “I’m flattered and honoured and (for once) humbled. I never imagined, those many years ago, that the band of aged has-beens (and one would-be) would grow to be Bridget’s hundreds. It has been a great pleasure to see my company and the IPG grow in parallel, and I’m pleased for Kogan Page and me to have been and will be part of that.”

To view the full article on The Bookseller, Published September 18 2017 by Natasha Onwuemezi,  please click here.

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