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A Marketer's Guide to Digital Advertising

Transparency, Metrics, and Money

Gain an in-depth understanding of the complicated world of digital advertising by learning about the kinds of metrics available to marketers and the technologies that are worth the investment.
EAN: 9781398609662
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
216 pages

About the book

How can individual marketers and their teams navigate the complex issues that seem to overwhelm the digital advertising industry today? They can learn about the metrics worth using, the importance of measurement and the technology available.

With contradictory rules surrounding data privacy, measurement constraints, changes to supply chains and other complexities often too difficult to approach, the world of marketing is more complex than ever before. A Marketer's Guide to Digital Advertising helps marketers navigate the complicated world of digital advertising by diving into the metrics, money and technology fueling the marketing industry.

Digital advertising consultants Shailin Dhar and Scott Thomson outline the forces shaping the current digital landscape and the common responses from advertisers trying to design their digital strategy. Walking readers through the common missteps made within digital advertising, they provide useful insight into measurement and thoughtful alternatives to practices often found lower on a company's priorities list. A Marketer's Guide to Digital Advertising offers ways to minimize waste and improve outcomes for brands and their business partners. The book illuminates the gap between in-house marketing teams, agency professionals and tech partners whilst helping readers make sense of the way money flows through the global ad industry.

About the authors

Shailin Dhar, based in New York City, New York, is a founding partner of Method Media Intelligence, a measurement consultancy and technology provider. A board member for the Programmatic & Data Center at IAB, he's served as Chief Strategist for Adsiduous Media, Director of Business Development at Darcher Media, and Business Development and Operations Manager at DOL Marketing.

Scott Thomson, based in London, UK, is a partner at Method Media Intelligence. He has twenty-five-years' experience helping companies like Publicis, Nielsen, Dentsu and Naked Communications design and measure marketing strategies. Thomson helped the UK's Ministry of Defence design user-friendly dashboards and controls for military equipment.