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Brand Driven

The Route to Integrated Branding Through Great Leadership

Focus every employee's actions on delivering brand promise and adopt the necessary tools for integrating the entire organization with the brand, using an Integrated Branding model applicable to any business.
EAN: 9780749437978
Edition: 1
Format: 233x152
288 pages

About the book

Brand Driven moves the boundaries of branding beyond logos, advertising, and even marketing, and into the responsibility of every leader at every level within the organization. These leaders shape how organizations work and define the customers' experience. This book offers a fresh approach to how leaders can create more customer value using the brand as their guide.

F Joseph LePla, Suan V Davis and Lynn M Parker combine their experiences with leading organizations to show the various ways every organization can become brand driven. Each chapter provides focused discussion and tools that leaders can use to direct employees and other stakeholders to create and maintain unbreakable customer relationships.

Leaders who read Brand Driven will walk away feeling more knowledgeable and focused on what they can immediately do to manage and increase brand value.

About the authors

F Joseph Le Pla

F Joseph LePla has worked with a broad range of companies for 20 years to help develop and manage their brands. Prior to co-founding Parker LePla, he was a corporate Vice President of Public Relations, President of a full service marketing agency, and Vice President of Corporate Relations for a national financial services company.

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Susan V Davis

Susan V Davis is founder and principal of Leadership Designs, a management and organisation development consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. She guides leaders to re-align around fast growth, strategic shifts, mergers and acquisitions.Susan V Davis has experience with Microsoft, Avanade, QPass and other fast growing high-tech companies and has developed executives and leaders at all levels.

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Lynn M Parker

Lynn M Parker has more than 15 years' experience in technology marketing and brand development, and was one of the earliest practitioners of hi-tech public relations and product positioning. Prior to co-founding Parker LePla, she was a creative strategies director and a public relations senior writer. She has also worked as a journalist at three West Coast newspapers.

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