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Brand Strategy in Three Steps

A Purpose-Driven Approach to Branding

Cultivate a meaningful brand strategy using a three-step, values-driven branding framework focused on connecting with customers by clarifying, integrating and communicating the values of the company.
EAN: 9781398609792
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
226 pages

About the book

Learn how to create an authentic and consistent brand strategy by focusing on the values of your company. This book breaks this process into three steps focused on brand identity, setting intentions and implementing the resulting strategy.

To consistently appeal to consumers, a brand needs to implement a strong strategy that delivers a memorable experience. There are two other essential stages of this process, and the companies who skip over these risk seeming out of touch and inauthentic. In Brand Strategy in Three Steps, branding coach Jay Mandel takes readers through an innovative and efficient three-step approach to brand strategy centered on identity, intention and implementation.

Brand Strategy in Three Steps highlights the importance of communicating value to consumers through meaningful interactions. Jay Mandel walks readers through the best branding strategies for new companies and established ones looking to revamp their approach, providing thoughtful exercises to help readers map a living brand document. The book helps readers through the three essential steps of brand strategy: identifying their core values as a company, determining how this relates to the product or service and tying these together when rolling out the strategy. Readers will gain the practical insight necessary to launch a successful, purposeful brand strategy and go-to-market plan.

About the authors

Jay Mandel is the founder of Your Brand Coach, a brand management company based in New York City, New York. He served as Director of Marketing at IBM, Vice President of Global Digital Marketing at Mastercard and Digital Marketing Manager at CIT. A corporate trainer for the Association of National Advertisers, he is part of the marketing faculty at Sacred Heart University and serves as an adjunct professor of marketing at Fordham University and the Fashion Institute of Technology.