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Business Insights: China

Business Insights: China

Practical Advice on Operational Strategy and Risk Management

Jonathan Reuvid

From £20.82

Practical advice and case studies for international companies looking to initiate or expand their business activities in China. Business Insights: China includes real-world examples of corporate successes and failures, an overview of regulatory developments, details on importing and exporting, as well as insightful commentary from companies already operating in China.

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About the book

Increasingly open to foreign investment and with a burgeoning consumer market, China represents an enormous commercial opportunity - but how can businesses succeed? Business Insights: China gives you an overview of the corporate business achievements already made in China and a comprehensive guide to the opportunities available for other businesses, wherever they are in the world.

Based on the real-life experiences of, and lessons learned by, companies who have moved into the Chinese business arena, the book highlights the successes and failures of operating in such a challenging market. With practical advice and many comprehensive case studies, Business Insights: China offers invaluable assistance for anyone looking to initiate or develop their business activities in China.

From the consultant editor of Managing Business Risk (also published by Kogan Page) this second edition of Business Insights: China includes a significant focus on risk management, providing a detailed examination of the unique challenges facing anyone establishing or developing a business in one of the world's most dynamic markets.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 0: Introduction – Jonathan Reuvid;
  • Section - ONE: China’s macro-risk environment;
    • Chapter - 1.1: Political risk within China – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 1.2: Political risk from China internationally – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 1.3: China’s population and GDP growth in a global context – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 1.4: The domestic economy – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 1.5: Inbound foreign investment – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 1.6: China’s outbound foreign investment – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 1.7: Foreign trade and global imbalances – Jonathan Reuvid;
  • Section - TWO: The regulatory and legal framework;
    • Chapter - 2.1: Government structures and administration – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 2.2: Company, foreign investment and joint venture law – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 2.3: Brand protection in China – Ai-Leen Lim;
    • Chapter - 2.4: Key developments in the corporate income tax regime – John Lee;
    • Chapter - 2.5: Choosing partners – Jonathan Reuvid;
  • Section - THREE: Inward investment considerations;
    • Chapter - 3.1: Accessing the emerging market opportunity and managing the risk – Alistair Brown;
    • Chapter - 3.2: Joint ventures negotiations: a more modern approach – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 3.3: The use of guanxi to minimize business and regulatory risk – Edward Holroyd Peuvid;
    • Chapter - 3.4: Intellectual property education in China – Ruth Soetendorp and Lingling Wei;
    • Chapter - 3.5: Transparency risks in Chinese corporate reporting – Nick Topazio;
    • Chapter - 3.6: Equity joint ventures (EJVs) vs cooperative joint ventures (CJVs) – Jonathan Reuvid;
  • Section - FOUR: Key sectors of Chinese business growth;
    • Chapter - 4.1: China’s automotive industry today – Mark Norcliffe;
    • Chapter - 4.2: The outlook for China’s automotive industry – Mark Norcliffe;
    • Chapter - 4.3: Outsourcing: the drive for global leadership – John Pickup;
    • Chapter - 4.4: Integrating quality controls in enterprise risk management: the case of outsourced manufacturing in China – Artie W Ng and W K Yung;
    • Chapter - 4.5: China: the next outsourcing powerhouse – Ning Wright;
  • Section - FIVE: Areas of increasing operational risk;
    • Chapter - 5.1: Risks in distance management – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 5.2: Managing your supply chain risk – Russell Barling;
    • Chapter - 5.3: Post-investment operational management risks – Stephen Gill;
    • Chapter - 5.4: Sustainability risk management in China – James Pearson;
    • Chapter - 5.5: Creating an effective compliance programme – Dane Chamorro;
  • Section - SIX: From practical experience;
    • Chapter - 6.1: China risks: how to identify, manage and avoid them – Ralph Rogers;
    • Chapter - 6.2: Risk management challenges for importers and exporters – Stewart Ferguson;
    • Chapter - 6.3: A cautionary tale from the past – Jonathan Reuvid;
    • Chapter - 6.4: Case study highlights from current projects – Humphrey Keenlyside


This is an outstanding book, which we would certainly encourage anyone needing to know about the business environment in China to acquire.
China-Britain Business Review

Covering everything from political risk to choosing joint venture partners, this is an excellent, easy-to-read guide. Many of the chapters are written by experts, and it is full of useful contact details - £25 well spent.
Midlands Business Insider

For any business thinking of doing business in China, the information in this book will make it a must-read. The practical advice it contains, written and edited by experts, will be of enormous assistance and I commend it to you.
Miles Templeman, Director General, Institute of Directors

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749459918
  • Edition: 2
  • Published: 3rd February 2011
  • Paperback
  • Format: 235x157
  • 328 pages

About the Author

Jonathan Reuvid has a background in investment banking, financial consultancy and marketing strategy, and well known for his reliable, straightforward advice. He is the consultant editor of Managing Business Risk and author of Mergers and Acquisitions, both published by Kogan Page.

Jonathan Reuvid