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Change Makers

A Woman’s Guide to Stepping Up Without Burning Out at Work

Step up into your change-making leadership, without burning out and make sure what you do matters and has impact.
EAN: 9781398605060
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
240 pages

About the book

We've come some way in the fight to get women into the workplace and delivering impactful valued work. But as the Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionally affected women's progression, many of us are close to burnout and considering scaling back our work faced with other responsibilities.

We cannot let that happen. Your work matters. It's ok to want an impactful career and to demand it do more than bring home a pay check every month. But can you re-awaken your change making power with the spectre of burnout looming?

In Change Makers, expert women's leadership coach Katy Murray devises an actionable plan for you to create the space to grow as a change maker and change the world for the better. This book shares the powerful habits, that allow you to step into a more expansive version of yourself at work. These habits are small but mighty. They reshape your brain, shift your behaviours and create ease-filled change in your leadership, activism, work and life. As you integrate these strategies into your every-day, you will eliminate burnout and overwhelm. You will find clarity in your purpose again. You will feel more joy, more energy, more momentum. You will expand your relationships eco-system, and see fresh ways to navigate and even disrupt the systems you find yourself in. You will have a bigger impact in your work and you will co-create a more equitable world.

Change Makers leads you through a personalized journey of self-discovery, with practical templates, inspirational real-life examples of change-making women, exercises and coaching prompts that make a difference. Join the collective of women finding a powerful new way to lead. It's time to step up.

About the authors

Katy Murray is a leadership coach, diversity and inclusion consultant and speaker. She's coached thousands of leaders over 25+ years, with clients like BBC, Wates, Amnesty International, Houses of Parliament and UNICEF. A featured coach for women's online memberships Allbright, Every Woman, Found + Flourish and The Step-Up Club, she's written for or featured in The Economist Group, Thrive Global, D+I Leaders and Gapsquare. The Director of Catalyst Collective, helping organizations co-create more equitable anti-racist workplaces, Katy's named 'one of the UK's Top 50 D+I Leaders' by Hive Learning. She lives in the Lake District, UK.