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52 Weeks of Wellbeing

A No-Nonsense Guide to a Fulfilling Work Life

Lead a more fulfilling work life with 52 inspiring insights for improving your wellbeing throughout the year.
EAN: 9781398613911
Edition: 1
Format: 198 x 129
264 pages

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About the book

There's one thing that's more important than productivity and promotion: your wellbeing. Discover how you can lead a fulfilling work life with 52 inspiring insights, one for every week.

Too often, a busy and competitive work life can distract us from focusing on our wellbeing and mental health. 52 Weeks of Wellbeing is packed full of practical and accessible tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life, leaving you healthier and more fulfilled.

Ryan Hopkins has vast experience of offering ground-breaking wellbeing insights and tips to individuals and organizations across the world. This book distils his insights, which are backed by psychological research and inspiring stories of success. From unconventional concepts such as Kintsugi to the power of digital detoxes, begin your journey towards a more fulfilling work life with 52 Weeks of Wellbeing.

About the authors

Ryan Hopkins is a leading wellbeing expert who specializes in improving mental health, productivity and happiness at work. He is the Chief Impact Officer at JAAQ, a wellbeing start-up and was previously the Future of Wellbeing Leader at Deloitte.

His popular 'Toilet Break Wellbeing' video series has helped thousands discover new ways to improve their wellbeing. He is the host of the Audacious Goals Club podcast, in which he interviews inspiring guests about their achievements. He is based in London, UK.

  • A practical guide to a better you. A fascinating and inspiring read.
  • Mo Gawdat

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