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Contract Management

Core Business Competence

Learn from this practical guide full of tools for managing contracts, specifically client-supplier relationships and big procurement contracts.
EAN: 9780749480646
Edition: 1
Format: 233x156
280 pages

About the book

Contract management is a key management skill, yet it is underplayed in most organizations, which usually default to project management skills as a proxy for contract management skills. Whilst project management skills are equally essential, they are not the same thing. Contract Management looks at the wider contract management picture from an industrial-commercial perspective, and helps set-out typical structures and processes that assist the contract management task. The author uses diagramatic representations to depict complex ideas.

Contract Management includes "learning points" in each chapter, looking at handling problems, procedural changes and enhancing commercial performance.

About the authors

Peter Sammons is a commercial/procurement specialist with 35 years in field. He is now a consultant who provides commercial support and develops/delivers training seminars

Good selling and good procurement requires the continued application of process discipline - not only before but also after the contract is signed. This book provides structured, straight-forward guidance about how to get those deals you have signed delivered and completed in line with expectations.

Alan Gotto, Managing Director, Constellia