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Creating Lasting Value

Creating Lasting Value

How to Lead, Manage and Market Your Stakeholder Value

Jeroen Geelhoed, Salem Samhoud, Nur Hamurcu

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Organizations that focus on all stakeholders involved are more successful in the long term than those driven purely by seeking to deliver the maximum return on shareholder investment. This book shows how to create and deliver sustainable value.

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About the book

The consequences of a primary focus on shareholders over the last few decades has emphasized that that a new model of value creation is necessary. Today's economy demands organizations that create value, not only for shareholders but also for customers, employees, leaders and society. Businesses that face up to this challenge by focusing on all the stakeholders involved will be far more successful in the long term than those driven purely by seeking to deliver the maximum return on shareholder investment. Creating Lasting Value shows readers how to achieve lasting results by channeling efforts into three key areas. It demonstrates how to lead the value, manage the value, and market the value.
The successful organizations of the future will be those that can put these principles into practice: this book shows you how.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction and Summary;
  • Section - ONE: The foundations of value creation;
    • Chapter - 01: Value for everyone;
    • Chapter - 02: The waves of value;
    • Chapter - 03: Starbucks;
  • Section - TWO: Wave 1: lead the value;
    • Chapter - 04: Mobilize energy;
    • Chapter - 05: Take ownership;
    • Chapter - 06: Set direction;
  • Section - THREE: Wave 2: manage the value;
    • Chapter - 07: Make it happen and improve;
    • Chapter - 08: Zappos.com;
  • Section - FOUR: Wave 3: market the value;
    • Chapter - 09: Inspire others;
    • Chapter - 10: Interface;
  • Section - FIVE: Making even bigger waves;
    • Chapter - 11: Change holistically;
    • Chapter - 12: Dr V


Creating Lasting Value will change the course of how companies think and act. Example after example inspire you to discover your vision, build a business model that creates value for all stakeholders and realize it with full swing. Companies can do good and do well. Every company should.
Geanne van Arkel, Sustainable Business Development Director at Interface

The authors of this timely book have a great advantage over most other people who write about creating value: they've done it. Their firm, &samhoud, has accomplished what all businesses must strive for in the 21st century -creating a stimulating place to work, providing superb customer service, making important contributions to society, and earning the profits that make it all possible. Creating Lasting Value shows how you can do it too.
Bo Burlingham, Editor-at-Large of Inc. magazine

This book is about the core of entrepreneurship! Creating Lasting Value shows how important it is to create value for customers, employees, shareholders and society. The underlying philosophy in the book-creating breakthroughs by inspiring and creating people is exactly what it's all about in these times. This book shows how exciting it is to create a brighter world with business, and realizes how to realize this. I admire the link between business practice and academic wisdom. Highly recommended, also for academic programs!
Sascha Kraus, University of Liechtenstein & University of St. Gallen

If you invest in your employees, they will serve your customers better. That will lead to better results. This philosophy shapes the approach presented in the book Creating Lasting Value. And I love it!
Paul Spiegelman, Chief Culture Officer at Stericycle

Firms that inspire enable individuals to collectively create new value for all stakeholders. This book provides inspiration and a clear framework to make this work in practice.
Erik Stam, Utrecht University School of Economics

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749471170
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd December 2013
  • Paperback
  • Format: 230x155
  • 320 pages

About the Author

Jeroen Geelhoed and Salem Samhoud are Partners at &samhoud, an international 'usual unusual' consultancy firm with the higher goal 'Together we build a brighter future. We achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people.' &samhoud won the #1 Great Place to Work Europe award for 2010.
Nur Hamurcu is the Owner at &samhoud and Managing Partner at &samhoud Asia. He has worked for &Samhoud for over 15 years and built up extensive consultancy experience in multiple industries. His client portfolio includes a wide variety of organisations such as Malaysia Airports, Tenaga, Malaysia Airlines, and Axiata (all in Asia), AMB Generali (Germany), Rabobank (The Netherlands), Achmea (The Netherlands) and SEAT (Spain), as well as global firms such as TNT Express, Montblanc and KPMG.

Jeroen Geelhoed

Salem Samhoud

Nur Hamurcu

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