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Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People

Roy Lilley

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Manage tricky customers, co-workers and bad bosses with this pocket guide handling the hardest kinds of people.

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About the book

Dealing with Difficult People will help you navigate the bullies, nit-pickers, manipulators and complainers who drive you mad at work. With example dialogue, techniques and tips, it will help you avoid horrible situations and keep your cool.

By understanding the motives and individual behaviours of difficult people, you can learn to manage aggression, reduce awkwardness and remain the better person. This third edition of the best-selling Dealing with Difficult People provides the tools and techniques you need to get the best out of the worst, including how to deal with difficult customers, dealing with difficult people in the digital sphere, advice on beating bullies at their own game and how to deal with a boss who drives you barmy.

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Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 01: A short course in human relations;
    • Chapter - 02: The seven classic difficult types;
    • Chapter - 03: A fast-track guide to conflict and how to handle it;
    • Chapter - 04: Dealing with bosses who drive you barmy;
    • Chapter - 05: Colleagues to throttle;
    • Chapter - 06: Staff to strangle;
    • Chapter - 07: Massaging the egoist;
    • Chapter - 08: Handling aggressive people without getting thumped on the nose;
    • Chapter - 09: Putting a bomb under the lazy ones;
    • Chapter - 10: Beating the bullies at their own game;
    • Chapter - 11: Moaners, groaners and critics;
    • Chapter - 12: Perfectionists can be a pain;
    • Chapter - 13: Manipulating the manipulators;
    • Chapter - 14: Shifting the stubborn;
    • Chapter - 15: Morale, attitude and how was it for you?;
    • Chapter - 16: Fault-finders and nit-pickers;
    • Chapter - 17: Gossip: a bush fire you can do without;
    • Chapter - 18: The customer is always right – really?;
    • Chapter - 19: Complaints: we love them;
    • Chapter - 20: [email protected];
    • Chapter - 21: Social networking;
    • Chapter - 22: If things don’t change they’ll stay the same;
    • Chapter - 23: Dealing with conflict: 10 steps to cooling it;
    • Chapter - 24: And, finally, finally...

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749475598
  • Edition: 3
  • Published: 3rd August 2016
  • Paperback
  • Format: 218x140
  • 160 pages
  • Series: Creating Success

About the Author

Roy Lilley is an established writer, broadcaster and commentator on health and social issues, speaking at conferences and seminars throughout the UK and overseas. He regularly contributes to The Today Programme, Newsnight, the Midnight Hour, BBC News 24, and BBC Radio Five Live. He writes for the Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and other national papers and management periodicals.

Roy Lilley