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Better Ways of Making Better Decisions

David Wethey

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A unique guide to the secrets of successful decision-making at work, home, or in life!

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About the book

Life presents us with a steady stream of decisions that we have to make. So, like it or not, we need to practice this skill every day - at work, at home, and in every aspect of our lives. Yet, we often make decisions without properly considering the context, options and implications of our actions. Or worse still, we end up managing the consequences of avoiding taking difficult decisions.
Decide sets out a clear and easy to follow model that will enable you to make or contribute to effective decisions, proving that it does not have to be a long drawn out process, as long as you use a mixture of rational and lateral thinking.
Free from business jargon, and filled with relevant case studies, Decide is a vital book for everyone whose life revolves around successful decision making. Thought-provoking and practical, it will help you always make the right decisions, and choose from your options wisely, whether you have 60 days, 60 minutes or just 60 seconds.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 01: Dreams and determination: What drives great deciders;
    • Chapter - 02: Nightmares: Striking a balance between being tolerant of mistakes, and understanding the danger signs that tell you a decision can go badly wrong;
    • Chapter - 03: Opportunities and problems: Before making a decision it’s critical to define opportunities and deal with problems;
    • Chapter - 04: Smart decision making: We are all looking for a system that works. It has to be a mixture of good thinking and harnessing the power of the subconscious brain;
    • Chapter - 05: It’s a matter of time: the magic number 60: It’s vital to know how long you have got;
    • Chapter - 06: The people factor: Personality profiling creates teams that work, and helps us all understand ourselves - and one another;
    • Chapter - 07: Choice is three-dimensional decision making: Choosing is different because of the way the brain – and committees – work;
    • Chapter - 08: War: What we can learn from the way nations fight;
    • Chapter - 09: Sport and other games: Serious lessons from evenings and weekends;
    • Chapter - 10: Love: Deciding with the heart and not the head;
    • Chapter - 11: My 20 best decision tips


Wethey's anecdotes and insights illustrate and outline the psychological, economic and personal elements that lie behind our decisions. All told, some decisions can be complex. But whether it's worth you reading this book - remarkably simple.
Elite Business Magazine

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749466299
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd February 2013
  • Paperback
  • Format: 215x137
  • 312 pages

About the Author

For over two decades, David Wethey has been helping some of the world's largest companies in an important area of decision making - the selection of their advertising agencies and marketing partners. He's had a unique insight into hundreds of companies, first as a successful ad man and more recently running his own consultancy practice Agency Assessments International. David is a frequent lecturer and writer on marketing and advertising issues and you can find his blog at www.makingbetterdecisionsbetter.co.uk , or follow his frequent tweets @davidwethey.

David Wethey