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Developing Leadership and Management Skills

Developing Leadership and Management Skills

Lisa Anderson, Jeffrey Gold


Design and deliver effective leadership and management development programmes

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About the book

Developing Leadership and Management Skills is essential reading for anyone studying the Level 5 CIPD L&D module of the same name as well as all learning and development professionals looking to develop the skills of leaders and managers in their organisation. With a thorough grounding in scientific management, leadership theories and the similarities and differences between leaders and managers, reader will fully understand the distinction between the two roles. There is also comprehensive coverage of the role of L&D in developing leaders and managers including designing learning interventions, using e-learning and blending learning, talent development, succession planning and employee engagement.

Developing Leadership and Management Skills also includes guidance on how L&D professionals can ensure ownership and success of leadership and management development programmes. This includes indicators of success, individualised interventions and how to demonstrate and communicate achievement of success ensuring that L&D professionals have all the tools they need to effectively develop leaders and managers in their organisation.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 01: The Distinction Between Leadership and Management Activity;
      • - - 1.1: Scientific Management;
      • - - 1.2: Human Relations School;
      • - - 1.3: Leadership Theories;
      • - - 1.4: Practices of Managers and Leaders;
      • - - 1.5: Similarities and Differences;
    • Chapter - 02: Different Approaches to Developing Leaders and Managers, and the Role of the Learning and Development Function;
      • - - 2.1: What is Leadership and Management Development?;
      • - - 2.2: Leadership and Management Competencies;
      • - - 2.3: The Learning and Development Role for LMD;
      • - - 2.4: Designing Learning Interventions;
      • - - 2.5: E-Learning and Blended Learning;
      • - - 2.6: Talent Management and Succession Planning;
      • - - 2.7: Employee Engagement;
      • - - 2.8: Evaluation;
    • Chapter - 03: Ensuring Ownership and Success of Leadership and Management Development Programmes;
      • - - 2.8: Introduction;
      • - - 2.8: Indicators of Success;
      • - - 2.8: Ensuring Value and Success from LMD;
      • - - 2.8: Individulaised Interventions;
      • - - 2.8: Demonstrating and Communicating Achievement of Success Indicators;
    • Chapter - 03: References

Book Details

About the Author

Jeff Gold is a principal lecturer in Organisation Learning at Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

Lisa Anderson is Associate Head (Postgraduate Programmes) at the University of Liverpool Management School.

Lisa Anderson

Jeffrey Gold