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Global Logistics

New Directions in Supply Chain Management

Understand the importance of supply chain management, including supply chain leadership, strategy, ethics, design and more with this all-encompassing guide.
EAN: 9781398600003
Edition: 8
Format: 234x156
488 pages

About the book

Logistics and supply chain management are at the heart of almost every organization globally, as such developing a well-rounded understanding of these areas has never been more important. Learn from leading sector specialists about key topics, such as supply chain leadership, resilience, technology, design, and more with this guide.

The new edition of Global Logistics is fully revised and restructured to provide a clear rationale throughout. This book offers a varied and international approach to a range of topics within logistics and supply chain, such as the importance and the future of supply chains. With expert insights from academia and experienced practitioners, this book presents the latest research and how these theories are being applied within the industry.

Readers will understand how to improve logistics, supply chain management and operational effectiveness as well as how to navigate global supply chains, ensure sustainability and engineer for the future. The eighth edition also covers important topics such as:

- How to optimize international supply chain relationships
- Different approaches to supply chain talent management
- The importance of ethical supply chain management

About the authors

Edward Sweeney is Professor of Logistics and Systems, and Director of the Aston Logistics & Systems Institute at Aston University, United Kingdom. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and Chairman of the Logistics Research Network (LRN) conference organised by the association. Previously, he was Director at the National Institute for Transport and Logistics (NITL), Ireland. He is a member of the international editorial boards of several leading academic journals and an advisor to Dubai-based Supply Chain and Logistics Group (SCLG).

Donald Waters is a retired Professor of logistics and operations management. He worked at various universities including the University of Calgary, Canada.