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Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions

Martin John Yate


The essential guide for all job seekers, Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions offers advice on writing a CV, mastering interview techniques and answering really challenging questions.

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About the book

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions is the best-selling job-hunting book of all time and the essential companion for all jobseekers. It takes you through the whole process, from composing your CV and preparing for interviews to interview techniques, answering tough questions and even negotiating your new salary.
This fully revised new edition includes valuable advice on highlighting your transferable skills and tips for using the internet and social networking as part of your job search.
Full of examples of difficult questions that interviewers like to throw at you, Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions is suitable for anyone at any stage of their career, providing all the guidance needed to land that dream job. An indispensable guide that blows the competition away, no serious job-hunter can afford to ignore it.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
  • Section - ONE: The Well-Stocked Briefcase;
    • Chapter - 01: The realities of job hunting ;
    • Chapter - 02: The productive CV ;
    • Chapter - 03: Networking and the successful job search;
    • Chapter - 04: Network-integrated job search tactics;
  • Section - TWO: Getting to Square One ;
    • Chapter - 05: Making contact ;
    • Chapter - 06: The telephone interview ;
    • Chapter - 07: Dressing for interview success ;
    • Chapter - 08: Body language ;
    • Chapter - 09: The curtain goes up on the job interview ;
  • Section - THREE: Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions ;
    • Chapter - 10: The five secrets of securing a job offer ;
    • Chapter - 11: Why interviewers do the things they do ;
    • Chapter - 12: How to knock ‘em dead ;
    • Chapter - 13: Questions of manageability and team spirit ;
    • Chapter - 14: The stress interview and illegal questions;
    • Chapter - 15: Welcome to the real world ;
    • Chapter - 16: The graceful exit ;
  • Section - FOUR: Finishing Touches;
    • Chapter - 17: Out of sight, out of mind? ;
    • Chapter - 18: Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat ;
    • Chapter - 19: Negotiating the offer ;
    • Chapter - 20: Multiple interviews, multiple offers ;
    • Chapter - 21: Conclusion: the glittering prizes


An essential guide for the modern jobseeker.
Evening Standard

A good investment ... A comprehensive guide to the various ways of hunting jobs down, as well as how to make the right impression with employers.
Daily Mirror

Includes the thinking behind over two hundred tough interview questions and effective ways to answer them. The ultimate job hunters guide.

Some excellent tips on how to answer potential clangers.

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749471453
  • Edition: 9
  • Published: 3rd April 2014
  • Paperback
  • Dimensions: 215x140
  • 280 pages

About the Author

Martin John Yate is an internationally bestselling author. He has held major posts as a director of training and personnel for several international companies and is widely respected as the expert on all career matters. He is also the author of The Ultimate CV and The Ultimate Cover Letters, both published by Kogan Page.

Martin John Yate