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Influential Leadership

Influential Leadership

A Leader's Guide to Getting Things Done

Colin Gautrey

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Use the practical methods in this book to cultivate influence and allow leadership to flourish.

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About the book

This book is about action, results and leadership. Using a simple new framework, it will show you how to make the sort of progress in your work which your organization wants and needs. At the same time, this progress will give you the space to become a real leader. A leader who is strong, inspirational, and able to drive the results your company needs while keeping your people on board. One of the best ways to create the time you need to get results and get ahead is to become highly influential - that way, you don't have to do it all yourself. Influential Leadership will show you practical ways to become more influential and create the time you need to be the most effective leader you can be.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: An introduction to influential leadership;
    • Chapter - 01: Building your purpose and passion;
    • Chapter - 02: Power – what makes people influential?;
    • Chapter - 03: Why power works in the real world;
    • Chapter - 04: Deeper understanding of people;
    • Chapter - 05: Understanding your leadership arena;
    • Chapter - 06: The ethics of influence;
    • Chapter - 07: Creating your leadership strategy and plan;
    • Chapter - 08: Increasing your skills as an influential leader;
    • Chapter - 09: Developing powerful and influential networks;
    • Chapter - 10: Establishing and building greater trust;
    • Chapter - 11: Understanding influencing styles;
    • Chapter - 12: Understanding and adapting your style;
    • Chapter - 13: Tailoring your approach for maximum influence;
    • Chapter - 14: Influential leadership and persistence of purpose


Most books about leadership are either grounded in theory and research with little practical application, or offer advice that is limited to the company and sector with which the author is familiar. In contrast, Influential Leadership is replete with succinct, shrewd insights to leaders and future leaders about how to make things happen in their own organizations, regardless of its size or industry.
Steve Kerr, Director, Harvard Business Publishing

You can't be a leader without influence. This book crisply delivers the advice you need to become influential, fully tapping and utilizing your power to make a difference.
Allan R Cohen, Professor of Global Leadership, Babson College

The Gautry approach to influence has been a core, and the most highly rated, part of our Top Leadership development programme. This book comprehensively and coherently sets out an approach which enables managers to lift their eyes above the daily struggle and become transformational leaders.
Catriona Renfrew, Director of Corporate Planning and Policy, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

I have for many years had the highest admiration for Colin and his understanding of the fields of power and influence. Influential Leadership is THE definitive guide. I will be using Colin's book in my coaching of my global CEO clients; it will help them be better and more effective leaders.
Dr. Gary Ranker, Global CEO Coach

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749470517
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd August 2014
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 280 pages

About the Author

Colin Gautrey is an author, trainer and executive coach who has specialized in the field of power and influence for over ten years. People in over 20% of FTSE 100 companies and 30% of Fortune 100 corporations have used his tools, processes and articles. In addition to his three other books, he has also been included in several others, including Marshall Goldsmith's AMA Handbook of Leadership.

Colin Gautrey

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