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Leading Digital Strategy

Driving Business Growth Through Effective E-commerce

Get the models and tools you need to support a customer-centric strategy and drive digital initiatives.
EAN: 9780749473099
Edition: 1
Format: 235x155
240 pages

About the book

For a business to thrive competitively in today's marketplace, it needs to have an effective e-commerce channel. Getting it right opens up new markets and opportunities; getting it wrong leads to declining revenues and profitability. To ensure effectiveness, business leaders and decision-makers must understand how e-commerce channels work to make the best strategic choices for their business. Drawing on experience in consulting to large complex organisations and ground-breaking primary research with senior executives from leading corporations, Leading Digital Strategy creates a convincing case for action and offers practical strategies, methodologies and models to improve the effectiveness of a company's online offering. It explores how to align organisational structure with wider goals and implement a customer-centric culture. With coverage of the key digital trends, tools and technologies affecting business today, it provides a practical framework for multi-channel success.

This book challenges leaders to become as fluent and creative in digital as they are in finance, sales and marketing, and equips them to choose the right strategy and the right people to make it happen. With strategies for improved operational performance and enhanced engagement from senior management, Leading Digital Strategy gives readers the power to drive forward effective digital initiatives and realise rewarding opportunities for change.

About the authors

Professor Christopher Bones is an established thought leader in people, organization strategy and change and a widely acclaimed, award-winning author. He has over 30 years' experience in senior leadership positions, working with companies such as Diageo, Cadbury Schweppes and Shell. Appointed the first non-academic Principal of Henley Business School in 2004, he is now Dean Emeritus at Henley and Professor of Creativity and Leadership at Manchester Business School.

James Hammersley founded Good Growth with Christopher Bones, an innovative digital change consultancy, whose clients have included Bupa, The Open University, Barclays Connector and O2 among others. Having worked on introducing digital performance to large organizations as a sales specialist he has witnessed first-hand the potential of digital to transform how we listen to and respond to customers.

The authors very successfully educate, challenge and stimulate smart thinking and practical actions. In particular, the excellent 'killer questions' poke the reader into a thorough assessment of their business.

Feilim Mackle, Sales and Service Director, O2/Telefonica