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Managing Business Risk

Managing Business Risk

A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Business

Jonathan Reuvid


Identify potential areas of risk within your business using this expert advice from leading industry contributors.

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About the book

Effective risk management - the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks - is a vital consideration when looking to safeguard your company's commercial future and deal with the latest regulatory requirements. Managing Business Risk will enable your company to maintain controls on risks that may threaten your business while at the same time delivering transparent reporting to your stakeholders. The book examines the key areas of risk in today's competitive and complex business market. Drawing on expert advice from leading risk consultants, lawyers and regulatory authorities, it shows you how to protect your business against a rising tide of risks. If you don't build risk controls into the structure of your company, from the boardroom down, then your business could be vulnerable to a number of threats - both internal and external. Identify and neutralise them now, and give your company a competitive advantage.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction – Jonathan Reuvid;
  • Section - ONE: Boardroom risk concerns and strategies;
    • Chapter - 1.1: Beyond resilience: turning volatility and uncertainty into business opportunity – Ben Cattaneo;
    • Chapter - 1.2: Managing business disputes through mediation – Bennett G Picker;
    • Chapter - 1.3: Corporate greed in the capitalist garden of good and evil – Gerard Bloom;
    • Chapter - 1.4: Recent and expected changes to regulatory reform – Neil Maclean and Katie Russell;
    • Chapter - 1.5: Contracts which do not reflect the agreement reached – Chris Jackson and Ian Tucker;
  • Section - TWO: Managing information and online risk;
    • Chapter - 2.1: Managing business opportunities and information risks – Martin Sutherland;
    • Chapter - 2.2: Accountability for information practices – Theo Ling and Jonathan Tam;
    • Chapter - 2.3: Selling online: the EU Consumer Rights Directive – Doris Myles, Ben Allgrove and Steve Holmes;
    • Chapter - 2.4: The Systemic Risk Survey 2013 – Jonathan Reuvid;
  • Section - THREE: Operational risk and key employment issues;
    • Chapter - 3.1: Getting food safety assessment right – Cor Groenveld;
    • Chapter - 3.2: The role of risk management in enhancing performance – Allan Gifford;
    • Chapter - 3.3: Managing risks in the supply chain: reaching new standards – Steve Culp;
    • Chapter - 3.4: The importance of managing health and safety and environmental risk – Ron Reid;
    • Chapter - 3.5: Women on boards: the UK Corporate Governance Code requirements and the Irish experience – Sinead Kelly;
    • Chapter - 3.6: The future of UK pensions after the DWP’s ‘Defined Ambition’ consultation – James Borshell;
    • Chapter - 3.7: Making yourself heard in redundancy consultation and termination meetings – Henrietta Watchorn & David Whincup;
  • Section - FOUR: Managing risk in emerging markets;
    • Chapter - 4.1: Environmental risk in emerging markets – Gavin O’Toole;
    • Chapter - 4.2: Business risk in Russia: root causes and future trends – Carlo Gallo;
    • Chapter - 4.3: Sustainability risk management in China – James M Pearson;
    • Chapter - 4.4: Business risk: developing a marketing and sales strategy for South-East Asia – Stephen Gill;
    • Chapter - 4.5: Relative risk returns revisited – Jonathan Reuvid

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749470432
  • Edition: 10
  • Published: 3rd July 2014
  • Hardback
  • Format: 246x177
  • 224 pages

About the Author

Jonathan Reuvid is an economist and was formerly engaged in investment banking and general management of a Fortune 500 multinational and business development in China. He is the consultant editor for a number of Kogan Page titles, including Business Insights: China, Personal Wealth Management and The Business Guide to Credit Management.

Jonathan Reuvid