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Knowledge Management

An Interdisciplinary Approach for Business Decisions

Place knowledge management in a business context with this interdisciplinary textbook for postgraduate students which explores knowledge sharing within and across organizations.
EAN: 9780749494834
Edition: 1
Format: 240 x 205
384 pages

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About the book

As knowledge economies become increasingly important around the world, it is essential that organizations are able to transform their knowledge into a competitive advantage. This textbook offers an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge management written specifically for postgraduate students in business and management schools. Knowledge Management presents classic and advanced concepts, models and frameworks using a clear logical structure, which covers building knowledge competence, the knowledge lifecycle, and integration of knowledge management with business decision making. An overall framework illustrates links between chapters and ensures readers can gain a body of actionable knowledge rather than learning isolated, uncontextualized topics.

Based on cutting-edge research findings and covering the most advanced IT and IS technologies, this book emphasises the need for knowledge management to span boundaries across organizations, supply chains and partnerships, rather than being limited to individual learning and sharing within businesses. Knowledge Management is international in scope and includes real world case studies and role play scenarios to show how theories are applied in practice, and "think back" and "critique discussion" questions to encourage reflective learning and critical thinking. This indispensable text provides a dynamic picture of the evolution of knowledge management and demonstrates its full potential to enable better business decisions. Accompanying online resources include PowerPoint slides for lecturers and exercise questions for students.

About the authors

Shaofeng Liu is Professor of Operations Management and Decision Making at Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth, UK. She teaches a Knowledge Management module every year to postgraduate students across several courses in the Faculty of Business. She is Senior Editor for Cogent Business & Management and Associate Editor for the International Journal of Decision Support System Technology and has published over 150 research papers in peer-reviewed books, journals and conference proceedings.
  • The book offers a rich approach to Knowledge Management focusing on knowledge sharing and learning crossing boundaries. It also discusses how to implement KM for supporting business decision making in the context of supply chain wide and globalization. All readers from students to practitioners will find in the book precious resources integrating the latest state-of-the-art research results.
  • Professor Isabelle Linden, University of Namur, Belgium

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