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How to Use Your Multiple Skills to Give You an Edge, Make Money and Be Happier

Mash-up! is an inspiring, fun-to-read, practical guide to maximising your competitive edge. Learn how to mix up the different strands of your experience and expertise to make more money, have more fun and be in high demand.
EAN: 9780749465902
Edition: 1
Format: 217x137
256 pages

About the book

Web developers did it to bring together multiple sources onto one internet page. Musicians and DJs followed by sampling songs from different genres to create new music. Now everyone is doing it: at work, at the weekends, in business. It's time for you, your business and your career to cash in on the mash-up. The days of being defined by a single job title are vanishing. In the new economy our core competences are increasing; we've gone plural, perfecting multiple skills that reflect the multiple talents we have to offer. Today we are witnessing the rise of the workplace 'mash-up' and the smart guys are creating new revenue streams with each new skill they add. At the same time they're making themselves highly desirable, better paid and carving out more fulfilling and authentic work lives. Mash-up! shows you how you can join in the game.

About the authors

Ian Sanders

Ian Sanders is passionate about capturing and communicating ideas. He works with businesses turning their thinking into marketing content that tells a story across multiple platforms. His career has seen an obsession about 'doing', driven by curiosity and insight rather than a big plan.Ian Sanders applies a rapid mindset to all projects, recognising that the value lies in execution. Through his own ideas and writing he's on a mission to disrupt the business status quo. Ian contributes to the Financial Times and Monocle magazine's audio channel Monocle 24. Author of four books, his work has inspired readers to change their lives; Tom Watson the British MP who famously challenged Rupert Murdoch, said "thanks Ian. You helped me rediscover the inner rebel".

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David Sloly

Having spent nearly two years training as a journalist with the BBC David Sloly was promptly fired on completion of his course for humiliating a politician. The story spread quickly through the industry; David became highly sought after and was quickly snapped up by the UKs first independent radio production company. It is there that he learnt the art of creating content that people valued. David Sloly's skill at capturing the imagination of an audience was used to great effect in creating award-winning content for Radio, TV and advertising. Some of the brands that he generated original ideas for include Smirnoff, Google and Sony. Some of the channels he worked for include MTV, The BBC (briefly) and Kiss100. With Ian, David Sloly, wrote Zoom! The faster way to make your business idea happen. David is also a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist which gives him great insight into the human mind. He is particularly interested in behavioural economics, which he now couples with business and marketing with great effect. So, if an employer tries to fire him now, he simply hypnotises them into a state where they drastically increase his salary.

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Mash-Up is an engaging look at how to adapt to the shifting demands of our working lives today.

Phill Jupitus, Comedian/Broadcaster/Writer