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Neuromarketing in Action

How to Talk and Sell to the Brain

Learn how neuromarketing is playing an increasingly important role in current and future marketing strategies.
EAN: 9780749469276
Edition: 1
Format: 233x155
280 pages

About the book

Neuromarketing in Action provides an in-depth review of how the brain functions and the ways in which it unconsciously influences consumer behaviour. It shows both the scientific frameworks and the practical applications of this increasingly popular marketing tool. Referencing many global brands such as Aston Martin, Hermes, Virgin, Facebook, Ralph Lauren and Fuji, the authors, whose background covers both neuroscience and marketing, showcase the latest thinking on brain function and intelligence, and on the subconscious influences on consumer behaviour.
Neuromarketing in Action then examines the ways in which marketing efficiency can be improved through the satisfaction of the customer's senses, emotions, memory and conscience and looks at the impact on current marketing activities such as selling methods, sensory marketing and product modification, and on future strategies like value innovation, sensory brands, increased interaction with social networks and permission marketing.

About the authors

Patrick M Georges

Patrick M. Georges is a professor in management. He teaches at some of Europe's leading business schools including HEC Paris, Collège des Ingénieurs and The University of Brussels. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been successfully created and sold several businesses. Patrick M. Georges is the creator of the Management Cockpit, the most widely-used performance management and decision support system globally, and used in SAP software. Professor Georges is the author of several previous books such as Increase your Effectiveness and The Management Cockpit: Essential Scoreboards. As a medical doctor and brain surgeon, he is also the former head of the neurosurgery department at the University Medical Center Vesale in Belgium.

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Anne-Sophie Bayle-Tourtoulou

Professor Anne-Sophie Bayle-Tourtoulou has taught marketing across several programs of the HEC Group for many years, with a focus on the retail sector. She has worked on various projects in this sector, including product ranges, retailers' own brands, pricing and promotional policies.

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Michel Badoc

Professor Michel Badoc has taught marketing for many years, mostly at the institutions within the HEC Group, but also schools such as the CESB and ENASS. He also develops appraisal and consultancy activities for companies in Europe and North America.

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Readers from the marketing domain will get to learn the theory behind product placement, use of colors and scents used in the retail areas and equip them to spot these techniques in the real world. The book is a good read for anyone who works in the retail industry and constantly interacts with customers. The principle is: understand how the brain responds to different stimuli, and expose people to the stimuli that trigger the target desires and emotions.

Prasanna Bidkar, Business2Community