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Paid Attention

Innovative Advertising for a Digital World

Harness new models of advertising to create commercial stability within a changing digital landscape.
EAN: 9780749473600
Edition: 1
Format: 235x156
216 pages

About the book

As ever, the onus is on brands to find compelling ways to earn the attention of the consumer. Yet content scarcity has given way to overload, fixed channels have dissolved into fluid networks, and audiences have become participants in consumer-driven conversations. This shift requires a new course of action for brands; it demands new marketing imperatives. Paid Attention is a guide to modern advertising ideas: what they are, why they are evolving and how to have them. Spanning communication theory, neuroscience, creativity and innovation, media history, branding and emerging technologies, it explores the strategic creation process and how to package ideas to attract the most attention in the advertising industry.

Packed with real-world examples of advertising campaigns for companies including Sony, Red Bull, HP and many more, Paid Attention provides a robust model for influencing human behaviour. Referencing a wide body of theory and praxis, from behavioural economics and sociology to technology and even science fiction, Faris Yakob maps advertising onto a wider analysis of culture. Containing practical advertising and branding templates, including a new advertising planning toolkit, it is ideal for students and practitioners looking to get noticed in today's cluttered marketplace. Online resources include additional toolkits with advice, techniques and best practice on brand behaviour, new ideas and effective communication.

About the authors

Faris Yakob

Faris Yakob is the co-founder of Genius Steals, an itinerant strategy and innovation consultancy. Previously he was Chief Innovation Officer of MDC Partners; founding partner of digital agency Spies&Assassins; Chief Technology Strategist at McCann Erickson NY; and Digital Ninja at Naked Communications. A respected thought leader in the field, Faris Yakob is a prominent speaker at international events and conferences, as well as guest lecturer for a number of universities. He received his Masters in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford. Fast Company named him one of ten modern-day Mad Men. He is a contributor to their "creative brainstrust" and has written for Maxim, Financial Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, and most publications with 'AD' in their masthead.

More about Faris Yakob

Ever been on a roller coaster? They tend to hold your attention well. Slowly scaling great heights, then wonderful views, sharp unexpected turns, fast paced, and great fun. Faris's book is a roller coaster of a book - full of ideas on ideas, it held my attention at every turn. Packed full of theories and evidence to weigh and consider, this is the advertising/communications/ideas book of the year.

Adam Ferrier, Chief Strategy Officer, Cummins & Partners