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People Risk Management

A Practical Approach to Managing the Human Factors That Could Harm Your Business

Add measurable value to your business with a more focused approach to people management and an understanding of people risk.
EAN: 9780749471354
Edition: 1
Format: 239x170
312 pages

About the book

People Risk Management provides unique depth to a topic that has garnered intense interest in recent years. Based on the latest thinking in corporate governance, behavioural economics, human resources and operational risk, people risk can be defined as the risk that people do not follow the organization's procedures, practices and/or rules, thus deviating from expected behaviour in a way that could damage the business's performance and reputation. From fraud to bad business decisions, illegal activity to lax corporate governance, people risk - often called conduct risk - presents a growing challenge in today's complex, dispersed business organizations.

Framed by corporate events and challenges and including case studies from the LIBOR rate scandal, the BP oil spill, Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland and Enron, People Risk Management provides best-practice guidance to managing risks associated with the behaviour of both employees and those outside a company. It offers practical tools, real-world examples, solutions and insights into how to implement an effective people risk management framework within an organization.

About the authors

Keith Blacker

Dr. Keith Blacker is an expert in risk management with nearly thirty years' experience having published many articles in academic and practitioner journals. A former lecturer at Henley Management College he has also consulted to a range of major banking and insurance companies in the UK, Europe and Africa including Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland and Santander. He was previously the CFO of a $500m turnover health insurance business and currently serves as non-executive director to a number of organisations.

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Patrick McConnell

Dr. Patrick McConnell is currently a Visiting Fellow at Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre (MAFC) in Sydney where he delivers Masters level risk management courses. With over thirty years' experience in IT and risk management, he has consulted to a number of major banks and corporations including Barclays, JP Morgan, Lehman among others and has consulted to the Australian government as Risk Management Subject Matter Expert. He has published many articles on risk and IT in academic and practitioner journals and in 2010, he developed and delivered an ISO 31000 course for a leading standards body.

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An expertly written book, it takes you to the heart of the risk problem - people. The best systems, the most up to date software, the most meticulous risk mitigation plan, all can be circumvented by human ingenuity. Via case studies and analytical framing the authors review, analyse and most usefully prescribe how people risk can be minimized but never eliminated. People Risk is not a HR function but a holistic framework of thinking and this book exposes you to it.

Brian Lucey, Professor of Finance, Trinity College Dublin