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Positively Purple

Build an Inclusive World Where People with Disabilities Can Flourish

Develop an inclusive culture where people can flourish in the world of business while navigating the experience of ill health, disability, accident or injury.
EAN: 9781398608474
Edition: 1
Format: 198x129
240 pages

About the book

Most employers will have a workforce where at least 10% of their people will have a visible or invisible disability. And 86% of all disabled people acquire their disability during the course of their working lives. How can businesses create strategies and a company culture that includes all staff?

Ensure that your company or organization doesn't become guilty of the soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to disabled employees and customers. Learn from your disabled staff and consumers and be equipped to be a better and more dynamic organization.

Kate Nash, founder of #PURPLELIGHTUP - a global movement which celebrates the economic contribution of employees with disability - will help you understand how any organization can ensure disabled staff and consumers are included and valued. Telling a fascinating story of how to make change happen and recognizing that any kind of transformation requires knowledge, determination and hard yards of campaigning, networking and deal making, you will learn how to build disability confidence throughout your organization.

Positively Purple allows disabled workers to claim their rightful place centre stage as just another valuable member of the team.

About the authors

Kate Nash OBE is a change leader with over 30 years' experience in working strategically to effect long term changes in relation to disabled people. She is the creator & CEO of PurpleSpace ( Established in 2015 it is the world's only professional development membership hub for disability employee resource groups.

In 2017 she founded #PURPLELIGHTUP a global movement of disabled people, allies and champions who celebrate the economic contribution of disabled people to the global economy. This takes place on 3rd December each year as a mark of respect to the UN International Day of Disabled People. In 2020 buildings lit up included The Shard, Blackpool Tower, John F Kennedy Airport, Niagara Falls, Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Australian Parliament. She is based in London, UK.