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Inclusive Talent Management

How Business can Thrive in an Age of Diversity

Reframe how you think about talent management, diversity and inclusion with this paradigm-shifting book that holds a mirror up to current unfair practices and provides best practice examples.
EAN: 9780749475871
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
280 pages

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About the book

SHORTLISTED: CMI Management Book of the Year 2017 - Practical Manager Category

Organizations traditionally have had a clear distinction between their policies on diversity and inclusion and their talent management. The main driving force behind diversity and inclusion has been being seen to be a good employer, to be able to make claims in the annual report and to feel as though a positive contribution is being made to society. On the other hand, talent management activities have been driven by a real business need to ensure that the organization has the right people with the right skills in the right place to drive operational success. Inclusive Talent Management aligns talent management and diversity and inclusion, offering a fresh perspective on why the current distinction between them needs to disappear.

Featuring case studies from internationally recognised brands such as Goldman Sachs, Unilever, KPMG, Hitachi, Oxfam and the NHS, Inclusive Talent Management shows that to achieve business objectives and gain the competitive advantage, it is imperative that organizations take an inclusive approach to talent management. It puts forward a compelling and innovative case, raising questions not only for the HR community but also to those in senior management positions, providing the practical steps, global examples and models for incorporating diversity and inclusion activities into talent management strategy.

About the authors

Stephen Frost works with clients worldwide to embed inclusion into their decision making. He teaches at various business schools and was formerly Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Danny Kalman is a talent management consultant, executive coach and regular speaker on leadership development. He was Director of Global Talent at Panasonic Corporation from 2008-2013.

  • Diversity is not separate from Talent, it is Talent. With their brilliant book, Stephen Frost and Danny Kalman enable us to walk the talk. A must-read for leaders who want to benefit from 100 percent of the talent pool and make a difference in the world.
  • Iris Bohnet, Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, and author of What Works: Gender Equality By Design

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