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Powerful B2B Content

Using Brand Journalism to Create Compelling and Authentic Storytelling

Engage audiences, grow trust and convert more customers as a B2B marketer or organization, by developing compelling and authentic content through your own platforms and channels.
EAN: 9781789660999
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages

About the book

Global audiences are sceptical about advertising content, banner ads and promotional messaging that pushes content or products at them. In the B2B market, building an authentic brand is even more difficult and buying decisions are more complicated, take longer and are more involved. Building trust and credibility requires time and effort.

Powerful B2B Content helps readers understand the importance of a brand narrative and explains how successful organizations can create brand journalism content that has influence and impact. Using the rigor of journalistic practices and constructing content that is developed and crafted with a journalist's sensibility, B2B companies will ensure that stories are engaging and eye-catching, develop trust and attract the attention of the right audiences. Building on many years' experience in award-winning newsrooms, Gay Flashman explains what makes a great story, describes what audiences want to hear and shows the most effective way to deliver it.

By creating focused content that is tailored to a B2B audience, Powerful B2B Content will help B2B organizations listen, observe, understand their customer's goals and deliver an experience that their customers know they can trust.

About the authors

Gay Flashman

Gay Flashman is a former television and news journalist for BBC, ITN and Sky and and was Managing Editor of Channel 5 News and Channel 4 News, where she was responsible for all Channel 4 and More 4 News programme output. She is the founder of Formative Content, a corporate digital content specialist, where she works with clients such as Nestle, Tata, BlackRock and the World Economic Forum.

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