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PR Technology, Data and Insights

Igniting a Positive Return on Your Communications Investment

Improve your organization's PR process and quantify its impact on business objectives with this guide to using purpose-built tools, new data sources and strategic insights.
EAN: 9781398600409
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
216 pages

About the book

Data, technology and insights have forever changed the way PR objectives are set and evaluated, and how messages and campaigns are developed. PR professionals risk losing organizational investment by not taking advantage of these additional assets available to them.

While "building buzz" or "breaking through the media clutter" may have been adequate measures of success in the past, PR and communications professionals today are expected to manage relationships, results and ROI, all while making tangible contributions to the organization. Senior leaders now expect corporate communications and PR professionals to understand the fundamentals of business and how PR efforts demonstrate (and generate) a positive contribution towards the organization's objectives. PR Technology, Data and Insights helps communications professionals understand the purpose-built technologies, data assets and actionable insights that are available to them and how to apply these assets in order to improve PR performance over time, versus objectives and against competitors.

Using case studies from industries as varied as Mastercard, Cisco, Southwest Airlines and General Motors, PR Technology, Data and Insights shows communications professionals how to take advantage of technology, lead with data, quantify PR's ability to convert outputs to outcomes and deliver insights to assist senior executives in decision-making.

About the authors

Mark Weiner

Mark Weiner is the Chief Insights Officer for Cision, based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He is an advisor for The University of Florida Public Relations Advisory Council and a trustee for the Institute for Public Relations. He is the 2018 recipient of the Institute for Public Relations Jack Felton Medal for Lifetime Achievement. He was the Chief Executive Officer for PRIME Research after serving as Global Director and Senior Vice President of Ketchum Research. He has lectured at public relations programs at Columbia University, The University of Texas at Austin, UNC-Chapel Hill and New York University.

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