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Real Project Management

The Skills and Capabilities You Will Need for Successful Project Delivery

Ensure your project or programme delivers long term benefits with this in-depth look at the most pressing challenges of modern global project managers.
EAN: 9780749471217
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
248 pages

About the book

Real Project Management takes an in-depth look at the challenges we face in running projects in today's complex and global environment. In this groundbreaking work, leading specialist Peter Taylor examines issues such as the complexity of projects, the virtual nature of projects, executive sponsoring, benefits management and international dilemmas integral to completing a project or programme on time and within budget.

Supported by the experiences of project managers around the world and relevant insights from a series of surveys commissioned by the author, with examples and case studies covering the strategies they are using to future-proof their projects, and tips to help you achieve and maintain success, Real Project Management will provide you with the tools you need to boost your skills portfolio and tackle head-on the challenges that projects and programmes present. These include: making effective use of new communication tools; managing projects with virtual teams; time management and how to do more with less; finding and connecting with effective project sponsors; connecting projects with business strategy; managing a multi-generational project team, and staying in control. Real Project Management is a fast-moving, practical read that will help the reader become a real project manager- and enjoy real project success.

About the authors

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor is a Fellow of the IPD with over 18 years' experience in management development and communications skills and processes and 5 years in operational change management. Part of the team that originally developed Investors in People and piloted it with TECs and employers, he is a Senior Assessor with experience of over 80 Investors in People Assessments.Peter Taylor has also worked to successfully implement Investors with a wide range of clients including Inland Revenue South Yorkshire, West London TEC, T&EA Northern Ireland and others across the manufacturing, retailing, hotel and catering and public sectors. He has also been a National Training Awards Assessor since 1994. He is a member of the Sheffield Excellence Forum. His earlier employment has been with DfEE and Investors in People UK.

More about Peter Taylor

Real Project Management is not 'shelf-ware', it is 'now-ware' -- a book which should be read NOW! Peter Taylor has captured perfectly the current mood and reality of the project and programme profession, and translated it into a fast-moving read which every project manager, from 'senior' to generation Y, should read. If you work in the project field or need to work with someone who is, read this book.

Stephen Carver, Project & Programme Management, Cranfield University School of Management