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Smart Green Shipping

Building Regenerative Business Systems in Maritime

Address the challenges and risks of climate change in the shipping industry by exploring innovative new systems and technologies.
EAN: 9781789667837
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages

About the book

New ships operating today must work in a zero-emission world. Smart Green Shipping explores how professionals in the shipping industry can address the world's greatest challenge, climate change, through collaboration and embracing a new 'racing mindset'. It also includes key case studies of organizations to inspire successful problem solving and innovation, because in a climate emergency the biggest risk is taking no action.

Beginning by looking at the current state of shipping and international shipping emissions, the book goes on to examine examples of industry initiatives using new technologies, such as working with the European Space Agency on meteorological data. With information on circular shipbuilding, wind power and alternative fuels, this timely work explains how developing viable systems for the future demands effort across the entire system to design and build new technologies, enablers, organizations and infrastructures.

Over 90% of all goods are moved by sea, meaning international shipping emissions have a huge impact on the environment. However, with the international Maritime Organization's commitment to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, the shipping industry needs to change. Smart Green Shipping will provide valuable answers and solutions to help shipping practitioners address this urgent priority in the industry.

About the authors

Diane Gilpin is founder and CEO of The Smart Green Shipping Alliance (SGS Ltd), a collaborative industry initiative focussed on developing technically, commercially and environmentally superior systems solutions for shipping. She advises the UK Government as a member of the Clean Maritime Council and acts as an expert reviewer for high-level policy recommendations focused on decarbonizing shipping. She was included in the BBC Woman's Hour Power List 2020 and is based in Swindon, UK.