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Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development

Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development

A Practical Guide to Transforming Talent Management Strategy for Business Results

Sally Bibb

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Build a talent management strategy with this practical guide to strengths-based recruitment that helps ensure the right employees are hired and stay motivated and productive.

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About the book

Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development explains how and why strengths-based recruitment (SBR) is having a transformational impact on performance in top companies like Saga, Gap, Starbucks and SABMiller. By shifting the focus from what people can do (competency-based recruitment) to what they naturally enjoy doing, or SBR, these companies have reported results which include a 50% drop in staff turnover, 20% increase in productivity and a 12% increase in customer satisfaction within a matter of months. It is no wonder that organizations in many sectors are adopting this new and powerful approach to improve performance, customer satisfaction and competitive edge.

Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development includes case studies and interviews with executive board level leaders. These provide rare insight into how they implemented strengths approaches in their organizations to improve the bottom line and performance. The book shows how strengths-based talent management goes beyond simply recruiting the right people to creating a strategy and culture that has a transformational effect on organisational culture and results. Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development will be the go-to book on strengths-based talent management for HR professionals and managers. Online supporting resources include bonus frequently asked questions about strengths-based talent management.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction 1
  • Section - ONE: A practical guide to implementing strengths-based recruitment and development 5
    • Chapter - 01: An introduction to strengths-based recruitment 7
    • Chapter - 02: Why do organizations implement strengths-based recruitment? 30
    • Chapter - 03: How does strengths-based recruitment work in practice? 54
    • Chapter - 04: Successfully implementing strengths-based recruitment 71
    • Chapter - 05: Strengths-based development and performance management 95
    • Chapter - 06: Putting strengths at the heart of your talent management strategy 120
    • Chapter - 07: Well-being and happiness 138
    • Chapter - 08: The future of strengths 149
  • Section - TWO: Real-life insights and stories 161
    • Chapter - 09: Interviews with senior leaders 163
    • Chapter - 10: Interviews with managers and recruiters 198
    • Chapter - 11: Interviews with people who transitioned from the wrong job to the right job 216


Sally Bibb explains convincingly that traditional recruitment based on technical competence too often produces square pegs in round holes. Her advocacy of strengths-based recruitment, identifying what recruits actually want to do and how to liberate their strengths, is supported by evidence which I found compelling.
Vince Cable, former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Successful people are good at what they do. So why not build the talent in your organisation by putting your people in positions they enjoy doing? Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development shows you how to do just this.... A must-read for business leaders, HR professionals and academics alike.
David Buckley, Company Director and Former CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited

This book is a must read for anyone involved in talent management.... Making sure that we identify the personality of the candidate and of the role and ensuring a good fit, is a strength-based approach, but rarely done. This book highlights the how and why...excellent read.
Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Great careers and great performance result from playing to strengths and ensuring you have round pegs in round holes. Sally Bibb explains what strength based talent management is all about, offers guidance on how to do it, and provides plenty of ammunition for leaders needing to persuade sceptical colleagues of the case for change.
Tom Hayhoe, Chairman of West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Strengths-based recruitment is rightly here to stay and any serious recruiter can no longer ignore the benefits. Sally Bibb is the preeminent expert and has given us an interesting, practical and inspiring guide to everything we need to know.
James Darley, Executive Director, Graduate Recruitment Division, Teach First

If you want to make a profound change to the performance and wellbeing of your staff and organisation, then this book is for you.
Professor Dame Jill Macleod Clark, RGN, FRCN, Emeritus Professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton

Sally Bibb...demonstrates successful strengths-based talent selection, development and management for the 21st century. Her advice is holistic, systematic, and both rational and practical. It's hard to imagine leaders not following her approach and integrating it into their agendas.
John Hofmeister, former President, Shell Oil Company, and former HR Director, Royal Dutch Shell

This is the most refreshing book I have read about recruiting and retaining talent.... If I could get every hiring manager in our matrixed organisation to read and apply just three or four things from this book our business would see remarkable outputs.
Emy Rumble-Mettle, Director of Talent and Development, GroupM, a WPP Company

Whether you're looking to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business or you're an ambitious graduate looking for a job that's the right fit, Bibb's book makes compelling reading.
Susan Debnam, Visiting Lecturer, CASS Business School, City University London

I found this book extremely interesting and more importantly, useful and practical. Strengths-based talent management... makes for a truly high performing and motivated team!
Ian Carter, President, Global Development, Hilton Worldwide

I'm always looking for more effective ways of enhancing performance and improving productivity. This book provides compelling evidence as to why using a strengths based approach to recruitment and development helps to achieve this.
Jo Kelly, Head of Executive Progression, John Lewis Partnership


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Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749476977
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd May 2016
  • Paperback
  • Format: 240x155
  • 288 pages

About the Author

Sally Bibb is a consultant, speaker, award-winning author and director of Engaging Minds, a strengths consultancy. She carries out organizational change work in Europe, USA and Asia, and has a track record of transformational work in organizations. In the corporate world, she held senior roles at The Economist Group and international development roles in the telecommunications and media sectors.

Sally Bibb

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