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Supplier Relationship Management

Unlocking the Value in Your Supply Base

Get clear and practical guidance on how to manage suppliers to form strategic collaborative relationships and achieve organizational goals.
EAN: 9781398602250
Edition: 3
Format: 234x156
464 pages

About the book

Effective supplier relationship management enables organizations to unlock value from their supply base and reap tangible benefits. With a proven approach and practical tools, this is the complete guide to maximize the potential of suppliers, secure supply, or gain competitive advantage.

Supplier Relationship Management explains how to determine which suppliers are important and why, and based on this, how to establish good supplier management, how to measure and improve their performance, how to manage our supply chains and, for the critical few, how to drive in strategic collaborative relationships that change the game. The Orchestra of SRM® framework, coupled with expert tips, tools and resources, delivers clear guidance on how to design an effective supplier relationship management program, with maximum return on time and investment.

Written by leading procurement expert, Jonathan O'Brien, this third edition offers new content on how to adapt to the increased volatility and global changes in the supply base as suppliers adopt new remote working practices; as well as information on the future of the supply base and how to remain innovative moving forward. Supplier segmentation is outlined with a new revised approach, and there is new information on how companies are managing supply chains, and the impacts of this in practice. Grasp the key concepts provided in this book and become highly effective at managing the supply base in a changing world.

About the authors

Jonathan O'Brien is the CEO of Positive Purchasing Ltd, the international procurement and negotiation consultancy and training provider, and is based in Plymouth, UK. With over 30 years of experience working in purchasing, he has worked all over the world to help global organizations increase their purchasing capability through training, education and working directly with practitioners and executive teams to drive the adoption of category management and other strategic purchasing methodologies. He is also the author of Category Management in Purchasing, now in its fourth edition, The Buyer's Toolkit and the award-winning title Negotiation for Procurement Professionals, all published by Kogan Page.