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The Accountable Leader

The Accountable Leader

Developing Effective Leadership Through Managerial Accountability

Brian Dive

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The Accountable Leader is built around three key themes: accountability, leadership and organizational structure. It examines in depth what it means for managers to be held to account at all leadership levels in an organization.

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About the book

The Accountable Leader is centred around three themes - leadership, accountability and organizational structure, and explores what it means for managers to be held to account at all levels in an organization. It will show that most leadership related problems arise from the ineffectiveness of organisational structures that lack accountable jobs.

Complete with case study material and international examples, The Accountable Leader brings home the importance of accountability as the necessary and robust platform for the assessment of potential leaders and leadership development - and demonstrates how clear accountability enables managers to achieve much more within their roles.

The Accountable Leader was prestigiously voted one of 'The Thirty Best Business Books of 2008' by Soundview Executive Book Summaries, USA.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
  • Section - ONE: ;
    • Chapter - 01: Accountable for success;
    • Chapter - 02: Organizing for accountability;
    • Chapter - 03: Leaders and leadership development;
    • Chapter - 04: Holding leaders to account: leadership by design;
  • Section - TWO: ;
    • Chapter - 05: Held to account at the front line;
    • Chapter - 06: Managing the front line;
    • Chapter - 07: Managing the managers;
    • Chapter - 08: Managing on a global stage;
  • Section - THREE: ;
    • Chapter - 09: Organizational design accountability and leadership in practice;
    • Chapter - 10: Leadership development schemes: how can they succeed?;
    • Chapter - 11: Tracking a successful leader;
    • Chapter - 12: The accountable leader: 20 key ideas

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749451608
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd July 2008
  • Hardback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 272 pages

About the Author

Brian Dive runs his own business, DMA Consultancy (www.dmaconsultancy.com) and is a senior partner in Panthea Leadership consultancy (www.panthealeaderhip.com).

Brian Dive

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